Class of 2019 applications reach all-time high

Since his arrival to Colby, President David A. Greene has stressed the importance of a strong Admissions Department. In one short semester, his efforts have already achieved unprecedented results.
According to official records, the number of applications for the Class of 2019 increased by 47 percent, from 5,148 to 7,591. A few months before this announcement, the admissions staff also reported a 22 percent increase in Early Decision applications.
The College’s official website released an announcement on the matter, in which they claimed that “the applicant pool is the largest, the most highly qualified, and the most ethnically, racially, and geographically diverse in the College’s 202-year history.”
In admissions, large improvements tend to happen very gradually: previous fluctuations of the number of applicants between classes have been below 10 percent. These numbers indicate that Greene’s admissions initiatives have been incredibly successful.
While many accredit this increase to the College’s removal of a supplement on its online application, there are more indicators that the prospective students were attracted to the College because of the recent re-vamping of the admissions outreach. The official announcement stated that there was a 70 percent increase in applications from the “Western, southern, and midwestern United States.”
Apart from the drastic rise in geographic diversity, the application pool was also ground-breaking in its number of qualified students. Average test scores have increased, and the number of campus visitors is up, indicating that new applicants are not blindly applying, but are interested and qualified prospective students.
Admissions employees Aimee Polimeno ’14 and Natalie Fischer ’14, both in charge of the College’s tours, thanked the tour guides in an email for their work at Lunder, stating: “The campus tour is a huge part of a visitor’s experience and has a strong impact on their interest in this school.”
Regardless of which admissions strategy has caused the unprecedented growth in interest, the new numbers will further improve Colby’s rank and public image.

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