Class of 2019 SGA Presidential Candidates: Kyndhal Stewart & Nizar Kaddouri

Dear Members of the Class of 2019,

We are Kyndhal and Nizar, two freshmen respectively from Texas and Morocco, and we want you to elect us as your Class Presidents for the year 2016-2017.


Our platform works toward one main goal: making Sophomore year as great as it can be. To achieve this we plan to focus on four axes: class events, student involvement, connecting to Waterville, and insuring transparency.

We plan to hit the ground running next year with meaningful programming that is meant to increase class unity and spirit. This will include class dinners, class study breaks, and random day celebrations, like Pi Day.

Next year we want to see an increased level of student involvement in both SGA and class events. With the addition of Class Senators, we will be able to gather more student input and help everyone achieve more.

We want to try to give back to Waterville as much as possible by hiring local restaurants to cater events and having class service trips to engage with the community. This will help us strengthen our relationship with Waterville and foster unity.

Finally, it is important to us that all the work we do is visible to the public. If you want the information, we will be catering to this by holding office hours, encouraging class participation in SGA meetings, and sending out a class newsletter on a regular basis.

While we are confident of our policies concerning next year, we already have proof that our team has potential. Over this past year, Kyndhal, along with Nizar in her council, has worked as Class President by coordinating class events such as dinners and study breaks, delegating as a part of multiple committees, and working with SGA on the CBB Alliance, Spirit Week, and the Dress for Success initiative.

Make sure you vote for us. Kyndhal and Nizar: the Colby I believe in.

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