Cheap Seats

Colby Echo (Echo): What is your first Basketball memory? 

Tucker: Losing to a childhood rival in an intense rec league game. 

Echo: Who’s the GOAT? MJ or LeBron?

Tucker: LeBron James.

Echo: What are your goals for this season as a team?

Tucker: NESCAC Regular and Postseason Champs and NCAA Tournament Champs .

Echo: Who’s the best PG in the league and why?

Tucker: Possibly a little cocky, but I think I am the best point guard in the league. I can score effectively at every level, defend my position and i’m taller opponents, and create for my teammates. I honestly feel there is no one in the league that can guard me.

Echo: What is your favorite college career moment or game?

Tucker:  My favorite moment was an away trip to Amherst and Hamilton last season. Both teams were nationally ranked when we beat them, and they underestimated our team’s talent. They probably won’t make the same mistake this year.

Echo: What’s the last album you listened all the way through?

Tucker: Woptober II- Gucci Mane.

Echo: Do you have a nickname on the team? 

Tucker: Walo/Ludacris.

Echo: Is Tik Tok acceptable to be on your phone?

Tucker: Absolutely not.

Echo: What is something that everyone looks dumb doing?

Tucker: Having to remove items from a suitcase that is over the weight limit in a packed airport.

Echo: What would be the coolest animal to scale up to the size of an elephant?

Tucker: A Megalodon. 

Echo: What’s your pregame ritual?

Tucker: A combination of tunes, pooping, and prayer. In no specific order.

Echo: What celebrity can pull off any look?

Tucker: Rihanna. 

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