The Cheap Seats with Tomotaka Cho

In this week’s edition of The Cheap Seats, we sit down with Colby Men’s Crew coxswain Tomotaka Cho ’18 to discuss his favorite spot to row, teammates, and girl scout cookies.

Echo: You’re stuck on a desert island with one of  your teammates. Who do you bring and why?

TC:I think I’d bring Freddy Bower ’17. He’s a calm person so if we were on a desert island he’d keep me calm, know what to do, and get me off the island.

Echo: What do you think about when you’re alone in the car?

TC: Speed limit. The next meal I’m gonna eat. I’ve been pulled over, that’s why I’m very aware of the speed limit.

Echo: Best river to row on?

TC: The Hume Center. Messalonskee Lake. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Right now you see the sun set, when we get up for 5AMs you see the sunrise.

Echo: Which Taylor Swift song are you and why?

TC: “You Belong With Me.” I’m just thinking about Taylor as I’m sitting on the bleachers. I’m picturing myself there. I’m wearing sneakers. She’s cheer captain.Echo: Favorite girl scout cookie? Why?

TC: Thin mints. Chocolate and mint. Two best things.

Echo: A penguin walks through the door wearing a cowboy hat. What does he say and why is he here?

TC: He’s here because he has to go catch the seal robber that’s taken all of his fish. Pistol Pete style he’s going to bang them out.

Echo: Are you a hunter, or a gatherer?

TC: A gatherer.

Echo: Funniest teammate?

TC: Tim Harris ’17. He just always throws in these random jokes that only a couple people laugh at, but I find funny. You gotta get to know him to appreciate his humor.

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