The Cheap Seats with Sam Jefferson ’20

In this edition of the Cheap Seats, the Echo sat down with Colby Basketball’s Sam Jefferson ’20 to discuss the upcoming season, Jason Bourne, and grapefruits.

Colby Echo (E): How long have you been playing basketball?

Sam Jefferson (SJ): As long as I can remember. Probably [since] early elementary school. There was a league after school, and I just joined that and thought it was really fun, so I kept playing with my friends.

E: What is your favorite basketball moment?

SJ: Honestly, I really hate the Warriors, so in my recent memory probably the Cavs coming back [from] 3-1. Even though I am a Celtics fan, I just really didn’t like the Warriors at all and that was one of the most amazing performances by Lebron and the Cavs overall that I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t alive for a lot of Jordan’s stuff, so just being able to see that was really, really, really cool.

E: You guys open the season with a tournament at UNE on November 17. How are you feeling about the season?

SJ: Really good. We had a really young team last year, but that means that we have a lot of returning players, so a little more experience coming into this year. We had eight freshmen last year, which was a pretty big class for us. We have two freshmen this year and they’re both point guards. They look like they are really going to help our team a lot. We had a really good fall preseason; so far we’ve been having two practices a day and our first off day is tomorrow [Monday Nov. 6], so that’s going to be nice, but we are preparing pretty well.

E: Is there any basketball player that you really model your game off of?

SJ: Well, I like to think I’m a combination of a few players, but everyone tells me [I play like] Kyle Korver because basically all I do is shoot three pointers and he’s a three point specialist. I’ll take it because he’s a good NBA player.

E: What is something that people may not know about you?

SJ: I have three older sisters. A lot of people think that I’m an only child, but I actually have three older sisters that are all out of college. They live all over the world in

France, New York, one used to live in London and now lives in L.A., so just being able to visit them is pretty cool.

E: What is the best thing you did this summer?

SJ: This summer I actually went to Taiwan with a couple other kids on the basketball team, Pat Dickert [’18] and Ronan [Schwarz ’18]. We helped our basketball advisor with some of his research. He’s an education professor here, and that was a really great experience. We helped him out and also ran a basketball camp there.

E: What is your favorite movie?

SJ: Probably the Jason Bourne trilogy.

E: I was gonna ask who your favorite character is, but I’m gonna assume that it’s Jason Bourne.

SJ: Yeah. He’s kinda a [expletive].

E: What’s your pregame music?

SJ: I mean, I don’t really like have anything that I listen to myself, but our pregame playlist varies a lot. We’ve got some kinda soft music on there, but we’ve got some rap to pump us up right before tipoff, so that gets me going.

E: If you could choose any band to see live, who would it be?

SJ: My favorite all time artist is Kanye West, so probably him. I have gotten to see him, though. I saw him at the TD Garden a few years ago, and Kendrick Lamar was opening for him. That was right before Kendrick really blew up, so that was really cool.

E: If you were a fruit, which fruit would you be?

SJ: A very ripe and nice grapefruit. I love grapefruit, so I’ll take that.

E: If you were a superhero, what power would you have?

SJ: I guess this is kinda obvious, but think flying is pretty cool, so I’d take that.

E: Which one of your teammates would be your sidekick?

SJ: I’ll go with Tyler Williams ’20 because last year he assisted on probably half my threes, so I’ll take him. He’ll be my little sidekick.

E: Last but certainly not least: what is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

SJ: Classic Thin Mints.

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