The Cheap Seats with Ella Maddi ’19

In this edition of the Cheap Seats, we sit down with rugby’s Ella Maddi ’19 to discuss pregame music, world domination, and long car rides.

Echo: What’s your pregame music?

Ella Maddi: Galway Girl and various covers of Galway Girl.

Echo: What’s your spirit animal?

EM: Octopus because they don’t have a brain but they’re still really good problem solvers and nobody knows why, and I aspire to be that level of badass.

Echo: Teammate most likely to take over the world?

EM: Maura Campbell because she was probably Catherine the Great in a former life.

Echo: Your Hogwarts House?

EM: Hufflepuff.

Echo: What do you think about when you’re alone in the car for long rides?

EM: I sometimes pretend I’m in Cheaper by the Dozen where they dramatically drive away from their old house, looking longing out the window with sad music playing in the background.

Echo: Best field to play on?

EM: Thomas College.

Echo: Are you a hunter or a gatherer?

EM: Gatherer. I pick berries with finesse.

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