Campus Profile: A chat with Roxanne the card swiper

To many Colby students, they are known as “Swipe Ladies.” At every meal, students interact with them as they must swipe the card of each student looking gain entrance into the dining hall. For many of the students, the interactions are brief, often a polite exchange of  “thank you” or  “have a nice day.”

Others may talk with these workers further ,but not many have learned too much about the lives of these people they see every day.  The Echo was lucky enough to sit down with Roxanne, one of the many lovely “Swipe Ladies” to talk briefly on her life outside Colby.

Often found in Dana, Roxanne has been an uplifting spirit for many Colby students. Sometimes she even reads off students’ Colby IDs to address them by name, going so far as to ask if they have a nickname.  Like much of Colby’s staff, Roxanne is from Maine. She has spent much of her life interacting with others. Before coming to Colby, Roxanne spent 13 years as a cook for nuns.  She enjoyed that experience very much.  Cooking has also been important to her during her 65 years of life. When talking about cooking, she said, “I’ve been a cook since I was basically 16-years-old.”

However, cooking and swiping cards for Colby students do not consume Roxanne’s life.  In fact, she has been working as a banquet waitress and bartender for about 26 years. When she finally has time to herself, Roxanne enjoys shopping and going on the computer. “The computer is my relaxing time,” she said.

When she’s at Colby, Roxanne has a wonderful time interacting with students. Sometimes the interactions are brief, but Roxanne still maintains her smile through it all. This is a testament to her polite and joyous nature. She loves Colby students and she feels the love reciprocated.“Everyone treats me super!” she said.

If anyone would like to find out more about Roxanne, she is very open to talk. In fact, when asked about anything she would like to tell the students of Colby, she responded “just that I love them all and I am always a shoulder if they need to talk, and if they want to talk to me, I am always available.”


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