Brew Review: An argument for the darker beers you need in your life

As the days grow shorter and the nights get longer most beer people (like myself) start reaching for something darker and heavier to
end and/or start a day.
 Now I know some
people don’t like dark beers—and for good
 reason. Most dark
 beers end up being far 
too gimmicky: “This was
 aged in bourbon barrels for
 14 years and it’s called Daddy Issues, bro!” Unfortunately, Daddy Issues will end up tasting like a Bud Light with some Jim Bean splashed in it. Dark beers can also end up being way too bitter, as most Black IPA’s forget that malty sweet and super bitter citrusy hops go together like OJ and toothpaste. Even if it is a great dark beer, it is pretty intimidating. I mean, it’s not every day that you see somebody drinking black liquid.

This causes the causal beer drinker to stick to whatever IPA or lager they might like and never gets out of their comfort zone, which sucks because good dark beer is one of the best parts about winter, because everything else about it sucks.

Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you to drink dark beer at parties, as most people will look at you like you have 17 heads, or think you’re being super weird for cranking a six pack of Guinness on a Friday night. But for a post class/ gym/dining hall bevy, dark beers are fantastic. There is nothing quite like the sweet, malty taste of a darker beer on an even colder night (trust me I’ve done my research).

Funky Bow’s Midnight Special 
Coffee porter is
a dark beer you
 need in your life. This porter pours black as night with an aroma of freshly ground coffee. The scent is due to both the malt and the addition of some seriously dope cold brew. As a result, the overall taste is fantastic. The coffee blends well with the malts leaving you wondering if it is 9 a.m. or 9 p.m. They combine for a taste and feel of drinking melted coffee ice cream. The finish is chocolatey with a red wine taste from the 8.0% ABV, which is a nice reminder that it’s winter and we should all get a little buzz going once in a while.

Overall, the porter is a fantastic buy and one nobody could regret. I person- ally found my six pack at Jokas, but the dudes from Lyman are all over town with these unreal liquids. So go down some dark liquids and say screw you to your normal pale ale or IPA of the week.

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