BMR spring show closes with humor and farewells for seniors

shows and concerts, you might have caught a jazzy rhythm and a lot of laughter bursting out of Page Commons. This weekend, the Colby student theater group Broadway Musical Revue (BMR) sang and danced their final show of the year.  An energetic spectacle filled with humor, sequins, and some touching moments for seniors, BMR never fails to entertain. Despite being a smaller group this semester, the performers kept the show as lively and hilarious as ever.

The show opened with a group number on the well-known showtune “It’s Not Where You Start” from Seesaw, pulling out some classical Broadway dance steps.  We saw these moves again in act two, in another old favorite, “Consider Yourself” from Oliver!.  In this number, a BMR tradition in which  seniors share a song with the newcomers, the sole senior Joseph Malionek taught new member Zoe Getchell ’20 how to pull off a jazz square, kicks, and a chorus line. For a less traditional number, the ladies sang “The Coolest Girl” from the internet musical A Very Potter Sequel with attitude, followed by the men’s number, the hilarious “Agony” from Into the Woods.  Returning to some classic showtunes, BMR featured a duet on “I Cain’t Say No” from Oklahoma and a group number with some elaborate choreography for A Chorus Line’s “I Hope I Get It.” The first act closed on a serious note with the expected ‘black clothes’ number on “You’ve Got a Friend” from the jukebox Carole King musical Beautiful.

Act two began with a bang, featuring a BMR cast covered in as many sequins as possible performing a spirited comedic version of the title song from Cabaret. Continuing the humor, Chris Collmus ’19 sang a Colby-themed version of “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” to Zoe Getchell ’20.  The cast called for audience participation for “Bruce” from Matilda, covering the stage in popcorn in the name of theater. A high point of the second act was the duet on “If My Friends Could See Me Now” from Sweet Charity by Emily Dunn ’19 and Ellie Geoghegan ’18, which featured some impressive belting true to the Broadway style. In a perfect song choice, the only current senior, Joseph Malionek, sang the hilarious number “I’m All Alone” from Spamalot, with the original Broadway staging. This song was a duet – although Malionek’s character did not realize it – with ex-BMR member Tommy Webel ’17, who reassured him throughout that he actually is not alone, as Malionek and the BMR cast insist that really, he is. Finally, the show ended with a full cast singing and dancing to “I Am What I Am” from La Cage Aux Folles with pizzaz.

The songs were, as usual, interspersed with creative skits and improvisation, including some audience participation and an emotional round of the BMR game ‘miniature tanks’ between cast members and visiting BMR alumni. “The show was very funny,” says Siyuan Li ’17.  “My friends and I all enjoyed it a lot.”

Aside from the end of a season, this is the end of BMR for their single senior. “I’m a little sad that BMR is over for me, but I’m very happy that I was a part of it,” Malionek commented. “I hope that next year, there will be more people, but even with reduced numbers, BMR was still really fun this semester!”

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