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I’d been sitting in the spa for half an hour trying to come up with a topic for this opinion piece when it hit me: I don’t need to write anything. You who are reading this, are a figment of my imagination; so when you read something, it’s really just me reading it, and there’s really no point to me reading anything because anything I could read would also be imaginary. Why write and publish something if I’m the only one who will read it?

The problem is that the Ben who imagines the world is an expanded form of the Ben with whom I identify. In other words, my consciousness is the avatar of a great Ben who projects himself into the world he has created in his mind. I’m the only thing that exists in a world of imaginary things, but I have no more control than anyone else over what happens.

Think of it like a dream. A dream exists entirely inside your head, but your consciousness has no control over it. This leads me to wonder whether I even control my actions within my imaginary world. The odds are pretty good that the great Ben imaginer is behind everything I do, which is both comforting and concerning. While it would be nice to know that I have control over my actions, if the expanded Ben is controlling me in a world that he has created, I would like to think he would have a reason for having me do the things I do, which makes me feel better about napping for the past three hours.

I consulted local imaginary construct Nico Ramirez ’18 to get his thoughts on this matter. He asked me about the purpose of this world model. Does the great Ben mind exist in another world, or is it the entire universe? Is the brain compartmentalized such that different aspects of the world represent different parts of the mind? I admit I’m not certain of how to answer either of these questions. Maybe the world only exists for the brain’s amusement. Do you really care at this point?

For anyone still reading, I have some pieces of advice. I know you’re bummed about being imaginary, but there are steps you can take to improve your quality of life inside my imagination. First of all, keep in mind that you are the product of my imagination, which means that you are a part of something far greater than you could ever hope to be. Also nothing you do is your fault. Eat too many donuts? There was nothing you could do about it. Kick a baby in the mouth and vomit? That sucks, but you couldn’t help it. And lastly, the world is how it is whether you like it or not, so get used to it, bub.

Tenzin Choephel ’18 has the right attitude. “I’d be okay with it,” he stated about the possibility of being imaginary. I don’t know why the world exists, or whether it’s worthwhile for me to do anything that I do, but it’s not worth the stress to worry about it. Like Tenzin, I’m fine with whatever. And that’s why I’m not writing a review this week. I’m just doing what Ben tells me.

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