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Part of a Greater Canon: Making a Guest Appearance

By Indiana Jones ‘14 “I tell myself I bear witness.” -Rust Cohle, True Detective The show must go on. Whether a raucous adventure, a masterful farce, or an epic never-ending, Colby, like every other alma mater, marches forward—into known knowns, into unknown unknowns. Every student, from COOT to Senior Week, lives their own personal drama—hundreds of different shows on myriad channels, […]

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If you sat through all of the credits

“…you’ve become part of a bigger universe. You just don’t know it yet.” –Nick Fury At last, four months of credits finally show signs of ending. The infinite list of the digital artists who did the CGI for all those intense golf-cart chases from Senior Week, and that weird parkour scene in the Heights lounge, stumbles to a finish. Your […]

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