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Dorm damage salient, classist issue

Last fall I wrote an article in which I cast Colby dorm damage as a class issue. This year, I’m digging my heels in and reaffirming my stance on this critical problem. Some have blithely dismissed my logic, but it’s important that all students understand the practical consequences and socioeconomic implications of what students do here on weekends. If you’re […]

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How Leadershape helped me learn to lead

Leaders give us opportunities to collectively attain our goals. They facilitate the good while obviating the bad; in short, we absolutely need them. Over spring break, I received an opportunity to engage with a program called Leadershape, and while everyone else traveled somewhere warm (as per all their damn snapchats) I joined twenty other students in a program that profoundly […]

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White flight: critiquing the prejudicial response to the Germanwings crash

The dialectics of anti-terrorism are now inextricably woven into the fabric of U.S. society. Obviously, 9/11 was a watershed moment that brought about an era of hyper-surveillance, war, drones and aggressive policies meant to stem all forms of terrorism that could threaten U.S. welfare and interests. But what these national events (read: tragedies) did to our collective psyche is irreparable—we […]

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Stop the patriarchal pageantry! It’s time for a Ms. Colby

After attending my third Mr. Colby and watching my homie Chy Ward win first place, I started mulling over a question: Why don’t we have a female version of Mr. Colby? Shouldn’t we all want some form of parity in terms of celebrating individuals on campus? I asked my girlfriend about the idea of a “Ms. Colby” event-competition and she […]

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Liar, liar: keeping newscasters truthful

Of the myriad human behaviors that have ever taken place on earth, the act of lying has probably happened the most. Whether it’s a fib, a little white lie, or a subterfuge, all of it counts as lying, no matter the name. We all do it—some for trivial reasons, others for reasons deemed imperative. Nevertheless, despite the obvious ubiquity of […]

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The issues with not vaccinating

If we mull over the issue of whether or not parents should be able to decide against vaccinating their children, we logically touch on two disparate questions. The first: are vaccines the safest protection against fatal diseases that typically develop during childhood? And the other: should the agency of parents be protected, or should proven medical practices like vaccinations take […]

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Our personal take on Sodexo Awareness Week

By Ester Topolarova, Aiste Vaitkevidiute, and Brian Martinez Following the Sodexo Awareness Week, we, as a part of the  United for Better Dining Services (UBDS) took on the task of clarifying what our group’s aims have been and what they are for the future. To start off, a dissociation campaign has never been the aim of the UBDS group. For […]

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Reflections on the progress and future of diversity on campus

When I arrived at Colby as an incoming first-year in fall of 2010, I encountered a paradoxical fact. I was now a part of a campus context that was overwhelmingly white, yet the rhetoric that followed the incoming class of 2014 as it began its integration through COOT, First Class, and  Loudness was one that extolled the presence of remarkable […]

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Dorm damage: Colby’s latest form of classism

Currently, my student account tells me that I owe $155.50 for dorm damage even though I have never commited any damage to Colby property. But last year, I lived in Heights. Of all Colby’s dorms, Heights is invariably regarded as the quintessential “party-and-get-trashed” dorm.  This reputation definitely fosters a dangerous culture of exorbitant drinking; but in terms of dorm-damage, its […]

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Governor LePage reelected

In a race that was tight down to the very end, incumbent Governor Paul LePage ultimately won reelection on Nov. 4. LePage secured his second term in the Blaine House with a five percent margin of victory and a greater proportion of the vote—ten points higher—than he earned in 2010. Democratic political strategists’ main concern rang true when election results […]

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