Argüello ’15 keeps fashion a priority

For anyone who knows Solon Argüello ’15, they know that no matter the occasion, he will always look stylish. A combination of chic and too-cool-to-care, Argüello stands out in the seemingly endless sea of Bean boots and Patagonia.  His personal style utilizes current trends while always functioning as an agent of self-expression and empowerment. I spoke with him about how he styles his outfits, where he shops, and his take on the importance of fashion.

How would you describe your style and what is your relationship to fashion?

I would say that my style is a mix between sophisticated-punk and ambiguous neutrals. Growing up I was unable to wear a lot of clothes that I liked because I had a lot of issues with self esteem, and solidifying how I felt about my identity, so how I dress and what I’m inspired by now are kind of always related to how I feel emotionally about myself.”

Where do you do most of your shopping?

I buy a lot of my clothes from ASOS, Topman and Pacsun, which have random sales of nice men’s skinny jeans that fit me, Pull&Bear, and random thrift stores like the Goodwill in Waterville. I have so many grandpa sweaters from thrift stores; I have an entire suitcase full of them. It’s embarrassing.

What is your favorite item you own?

My favorite item of clothing is this leather jacket that I bought when I was in Florence the fall break of my freshman semester abroad. [The jacket] was super marked down because it had some slight imperfections that I fixed once I got home. The day I got it was so enjoyable, and I was having such a nice time with my friends. It kind of represents this general mix of really beautiful memories of starting college in Europe.

What is your favorite piece of clothing to shop for?

Growing up in Miami I was always so jealous of wearing coats. I think that layering clothes and having different textures can be so elegant and sexy, so I love buying coats but also trying to pair them with different scarves. If I could, I would have 50 different coats. I’ve been trying to find a really beautiful cashmere beige coat but I’m so picky it’s impossible. Also shopping for scarves is so much fun for me. I really like incorporating elements associated with femininity into my style, so I really enjoy feminine prints, especially florals and paisley.

What is your thought process when you style an outfit?

Some days I care a lot about comfort, some days I want to feel really good about myself, so I definitely believe in the ‘fake it till you make it’ mantra. I really enjoy ambiguity with how I dress, which is why I think I like neutrals so much. Some days I definitely feel more conservative and don’t want to wear prints that are loud.

Does your personal style differ between how you dress in Miami vs. Maine?

In Miami I wear a lot of black and grey, and I do here as well. I love boots and while I do wear them sometimes in Miami, in general they look odd there, and I feel bad ruining them with the heat and humidity. I feel like I dress more simply in Miami because my look is a little bit more preppy and simple. When it feels like 110 degrees constantly all you can think about is not sweating everywhere. When I’m at Colby, I love wearing huge over-sized sweaters that are really drapey, but in Miami, I usually switch those out for button-ups that are large and flowy as well.

How have you maintained your personal style throughout the harsh winter?

Finding sweaters that I love is so important. Additionally, I have ‘sensible’ coats for when it’s in the negatives but I don’t really like wearing them because I’d rather be a little cold than look like a neon-blue L.L. Bean marshmallow. Playing with scarves and beanies is really fun for me once it gets cold. Like I said, I enjoy incorporating some feminine/androgynous elements into my style, and lately I’ve been tying up my scarves around my head in a Jackie O-esque way. It’s elegant, warm, and it makes my cheekbones look good to be honest.

Do you have a fashion pet peeve?

Baggy khakis, wrinkled gingham, boat shoes, and a backwards baseball hat.

Do you think your style has evolved over the last few years, especially throughout your college experience? If yes, how, and is it still evolving?

I think it has. I don’t wear a lot of loud colors, but I have to say that as time has progressed, I definitely am more willing to try subtle colors in small amounts. Like wearing a scarf that’s burgundy, or garnet. I also feel much more comfortable in my style choices, and more empowered in the things that I like. Fashion and identity are so intertwined, and I think that as I’ve grown, I am so much more appreciative of my personal taste because it makes me feel good when I wear clothes that I like. I find empowerment in making myself feel good, and think that’s really all that matters when people think about fashion.

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