Animeals feeds pets

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, which traditionally implies that many will soon be feasting with family and friends to celebrate the season’s harvest and share in thanks. Yet not everyone is fortunate enough to have such a holiday experience, as some will remain homebound, alone, and unable to provide food for themselves or their pet companions. However, with the help of Meals on Wheels and their charitable food deliveries, fewer people will remain hungry or lonesome on Thanksgiving. Moreover, the new and exciting addition of Central Maine’s Animeals program allows pets to share in this harvest with their owners.

Funded by charitable community donations and grants from The Banfield Charitable Trust, the Animeals program provides food for the pets of seniors receiving Meals On Wheels. Meals On Wheels program works to supply a nutritious hot meal for those homebound due to old age or disabilities. Currently, Central Maine’s Meals On Wheels provider is Spectrum Generations, a program focused toward specialized services for senior adults.

With Animeals, elderly pet owners who are already a part of the Spectrum Generations program also receive food for their lovable companions. The purpose of the program is to help homebound seniors keep and provide for their cherished pets without the cost of giving up their own food or necessities. “I got involved with Animeals because I saw an article in the Morning Sentinel about it several years ago,” volunteer Pat Sims explained in an e-mail correspondence. “I wanted to find a local organization that helped animals; Animeals is great because it helps animals and people.” With the help of committed volunteers and staff, the Animeals Program currently serves over 120 pets and their owners in the Central Maine area. It is with the charitable acts of these programs that Thanksgiving promises to be a bountiful time for everyone.

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