Amici’s brings Italian cuisine to downtown Waterville

Although Colby is pretty classy, it isn’t necessarily the place to find tuxedo-clad gentlemen or mahogany-scented dorm rooms. Instead, the wide sweeping practice of tucking one’s sweatpants into one’s socks has become the leading trend of the 2016-2017 winter season, and “eau de Febreeze” is quite possibly the most common perfume and cologne used by students. However, there are a few moments throughout the year that mandate a certain level of “elegance.” For these moments, many Colby students head to Waterville, in search of a restaurant that can provide the ambience appropriate for such an event. Amici’s Cucina, an Italian restaurant on Main Street in Waterville, fulfills all these requirements.

Located near the Concourse, Amici’s is definitely not an unfamiliar sight for most Colby students. Its ritzy storefront, complete with crisp brick arches and gold window lettering, beckons onlookers to enter, assuring them that it “Only Looks Expensive.” Indeed, Amici’s appearance and menu does present itself as a high-end, pricey Italian eatery, inaccessible to broke college students. Dishes such as their homemade baked brie and shrimp fra diavolo litter the menu and seem to mandate high payment. However, upon further inspection of the pricing, the restaurant’s charges were not  unreasonable.

The general atmosphere of the facility encourages a dress code that ranged anywhere from a “nice” sweater and jeans to a sport coat and little black dress. The dimmed lighting, subtle jazz music, and even the presence of tablecloths commands patrons to act accordingly, keeping their conversations quiet and presenting themselves more formally than they would in any on-campus dining hall.

Although restaurants of this fancy nature have the reputation of good yet slow service, servers generally arrive within moments of being seated. The menu, as mentioned earlier, was extensive and even a little  overwhelming; however, once ordered the food arrives within minutes.

The meals themselves are delicious. Avid consumers of caesar salads will be impressed , while the pasta was delicious and definitely an item to come back for. Amici’s is great for anyone yearning for a ritzy night out on the town without spending too much money or who are looking to impress picky visitors.

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