Alumna joins admissions office

When most alumni graduate from the Hill, they move out into “the real world.” However, some alumni aren’t quite ready to leave the Hill in May, and they instead decide to contribute to the College as an employee.

When Natalie Fischer ‘14 graduated, it wasn’t a question for her what would come next. “I worked in [the] Lunder [House] for three years while [I was] a student at Colby and loved it…. I am very excited and grateful to have the opportunity to continue in [the] Lunder [House] as an Admissions Counselor,” she wrote in an email.

The College’s administration made diversity a paramount goal over the last decade. In addition, the focus on expanding diversity led to the creation of The Colby Achievement Program in the Sciences (CAPS), which admits students of underrepresented groups with a strong passion for and devotion to the sciences.

In addition, the College has strengthened its  partnership with the Posse Foundation. So far there have been thirteen Posse groups from both New York City and Houston.

Pursuant to the goal of diversity, in addition to recruiting outstanding students in general, Fischer is busy in her new role with the College. “Much of my fall has been spent on the road for recruitment travel; visiting schools, attending college fairs and other networking events.”

Fischer continued, “Winter means reading season… and that is just what it sounds like. Time to read all of the applications of the incredible students we met on the road and many more.”

As a former student and recent graduate, Fischer—as well as other alumni in Admissions—can furnish prospective students with  a special perspective on how the College might be for them. “My own time at Colby is very present in my mind, and being able to share all of those experiences is fun but also very rewarding.

“When I visit schools and meet students, I feel like I am able to give them a very good idea of what it means to be a student at Colby and a part of our community,” Fischer said.

In addition to Fischer, the Admissions Department employs several other alumni from classes 09’ and ’13. “As [recent alumnus] of Colby, I think it is important we share experiences [about] the Colby community as you can learn a lot about a place by the people in it,” Fischer said.

With the experience of matriculating at Colby guiding her recruitment work for the College, Fischer believes exposure is the sine qua non for recruiting a variety of attractive prospective students. “Outreach in terms of trying to visit more schools, fairs, events, etc. [helps us] find those students who Colby could be the perfect match for, but [who] just haven’t heard of it yet or didn’t have enough information before…[This] is something we are working on.”

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