Advertising with The Colby Echo

The Colby Echo is a weekly student newspaper that has been published by the students of Colby College (Waterville, ME) since 1877. The paper is distributed every Thursday that the College is in-session, excluding the January term (“JanPlan”) and certain weeks surrounding vacation and examination periods.

The paper covers a range of subject matter, including arts & entertainment, opinions, features, sports, and collegiate & local news. Print copies of the paper are regularly distributed around campus and certain Waterville locations, as well as to the home addresses of students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni. Advertising with us would be a great way to share your message with a widespread and diverse clientele.


Sizing & Rates:

Each week, we usually publish 12 pages, and the printable size of the paper is 10.125” x 15.5”, with five columns per page. We charge $2.50 per square inch. Enclosed is a sampling of popular ad sizes, and we encourage you to find a price and size that works for your business. If nothing included meets your needs, please feel free to create your own dimensions by choosing any height within the printable range (≤15.5”) and a width that aligns with our column specifications:

One column – 1.89”

Two columns – 3.95”

Three columns – 6.00”

Four columns – 8.06”

Five columns (full width) – 10.125”



The paper also offers a number of discounts for businesses looking to advertise with us. If you are interested in redeeming one of these offers, please inform us in your initial correspondence.

Colby Discount: All organizations and individuals directly connected to the College (i.e. students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and trustees) receive a 25% reduction from the initial cost of advertising.

Nonprofit Discount: All registered 501(c)3, 501(c)4, and 501(c)19 organizations and corporations receive a 30% reduction from the initial cost of advertising; this also applies to individual funds or programs at nonprofit organizations, as well as events run by for-profit corporations in support of charitable activity. Please note that in some cases, we may need to confirm your 501(c) status. This purchase is not tax-deductable.

*Typically, 501(c)3 organizations include public charities, academic institutions, religious houses of worship, government instrumentalities, and public services (police, fire, EMT, etc.). 501(c)4 covers most civic leagues and social welfare groups; 501(c)19 represents posts or organizations for past or present members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Recurring Discounts: After a business has advertised with us for three consecutive weeks, using any size larger than the “business card” designation (3.95” x  ~2.00”), they will receive a 25% discount on all advertising, regardless of size.

*Returning Businesses: For businesses that have advertised with us consistently in the past three months of publication, we wish to continue our relationship, so we are open to negotiating a discounted price on a case-to-case basis. Please contact the management team for further information.


Ad Size

Advertisement Cost

Per Square Inch

$2.50 per square inch

Full Page 
10.125 x 15.5 in.


Half Page
10.125 x 7.75 in.


Half Page
5.05 x 15.5 in.


Quarter Page
(Full Width)
10.125 x 3.875 in.


Quarter Page
(3 Column)
6.0 x 3.875 in.


3 Column Vertical
(Full Length)

6.0 x 15.5 in.


3 Column Box
6.0 x 6.0 in.


3 Column Half Page

6.0 x 7.75 in.


2 Column Vertical

(Full Length)
3.95 x 15.5 in.


2 Column Box

3.95 x 3.95 in.


2 Column Half Page
3.95 x 7.75 in.


Business Cards




Please send an email to us at with an attachment of the advertisement already in the desired dimensions, preferably in a .tiff format, as well as the address to where the invoice should be sent. Please also write the desired dimensions of the ad in the body of the email. All requests should be in no later than 5 days before the desired publishing date. Within 15 days after publishing an invoice will be mailed out, For Colby run organizations a direct deposit for payment is available. If interested please ask for the Echo account number. For all other businesses please pay by cash or check.

Publishing Schedule for 2016/2017:

First Semester

Second Semester

August 28 – Freshman Orientation Issue Thursday, Feb. 9
Thursday, Sept. 20 Thursday, Feb. 16
Thursday, Sept. 29 Thursday, Feb. 23
Thursday, Oct. 6. — Homecoming Issue Thursday, Mar. 2
Thursday, Oct. 20 Thursday, Mar. 9
Thursday, Oct. 27 Thursday, Mar. 16
Thursday, Nov. 3 Thursday, Mar. 30
Thursday, Nov. 10 Thursday, Apr. 6
Thursday, Nov.17 Thursday, Apr. 13
Thursday, Dec. 1 Thursday, Apr. 20
Thursday, Dec. 8 Thursday, Apr. 27 — Colby Liberal Arts Symposium


Thursday, May 4