Question 1: a reminder to voters

On Mar. 3, Maine voters will be faced with a lofty decision: to protect herd immunity, or to allow for the reemergence of infectious diseases. The outcome of Question 1 will determine if the State will move forward with LD 798 and the removal of non-medical vaccine exemptions, an action which could stand to save Maine’s immunocompromised children.

The science is there: vaccines save lives. I am not here to argue a moot point, and while I am sure there are a plethora of articles online alluding to the dangers of immunization, please stick to the peer reviewed facts. They don’t lie.

But beyond that, I urge Maine voters to think outside of themselves. Think of your elderly grandfather, whose immune system is not strong enough to receive vaccines but will surely suffer if he catches something from an unvaccinated individual. Think of your professor’s child, who is immunocompromised and functions at the mercy of his classmate›s vaccine status.

Please, above all else, be considerate of others when you enter the voting booth next Tuesday. Don’t let talk of conspiracy cloud your judgement when considering how to act compassionately. Vote no on 1 to protect Maine’s children. 

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