A pie in review: Bob’s pumpkin

Desire. Passion. Ecstasy. My mind races as I tear away the crust from the Bob’s pumpkin pie to reveal delicate mounds of succulent filling. I moisten my lips and raise the crust to my face to breathe in its spicy aroma but can’t stop myself from nibbling on its tender ridges.

Flakes of buttery bliss flutter to the floor as juicy wonder floods my mouth with flavor. Months of hopeful anticipation and bitter self-loathing culminate in this one bite, and my heart flops about uncontrollably before coming to rest in its usual location. The crust slides down my throat, its sweet aftertaste lingering on my longing lips.

The wait is unbearable; I dive into the pie with voracious abandon. My tongue lusts over its orange innocence as it fills my tummy with yummy. I can no longer contain my cries of passion. The euphoria escapes from me as the pie and I become one. And for a moment, two strangers sail past the cosmos, beyond the physical realm into our very existence, away from war and poverty and suffering.

We are idealists in an imperfect world, crusaders against a cruel universe, searching far and wide without leaving ourselves as we float through our infinite quest. We have no intention of finding all the answers, but what we unlock here tonight will change everything. We have a purpose. We could swing through 100 lifetimes armed only with the knowledge that something this essential exists inside us. And as the last bite of pie settles in my stomach, my mind returns to me. Collapsing back in my chair, I breathe a sigh of reflection.

Heartache, laughter, transcendence, all here and gone in mere seconds. Yet my time with the pie will remain ingrained in my mind longer than anything else I have ever known. As I drift off into eternity, the final thought I will have, the last of a lifetime of emotions and memories, will be of Bob’s pumpkin pie. And once again I will have peace.

Pumpkin pie from Bobs: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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