A cappella groups captivate audience during Friday’s show

On Friday night, parents and students flocked to Lorimer Chapel to see this year’s second cohesive a cappella show. This was a rare opportunity for audiences to watch all seven of Colby’s groups perform in one show, rather than in the individual concerts that occur sporadically throughout the year. The Colby Eight, The Colbyettes, EVE (Ethnic Vocal Ensemble), Mayflower Chill, The Meglomaniacs (The Megs), the Sirens, and The Blue Lights delivered an eclectic mix of songs in two outstanding back-to-back performances. Both were an hour long.

In the spirit of Halloween, everyone performed in costume, making the atmosphere more interactive and playful than usual—it was not uncommon to hear the audience’s laughter along with their fervent applause. Costumes ranged from silly to outrageous, but did not take away from the performers’ undeniable talent. If anything, the costumes only added to the enjoyment that a cappella performances always bring. Most of the groups arrived at a common theme, like the Sirens in matching pajama sets and the Megs in country club attire. “I remember one boy was dressed as a nun, belting the lines of a Backstreet Boys song,” said Shannon Oleynik ’16. 

The Colby Eight kicked off the show with “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz (sung by Matt Lounsbury ’16) and “Our Own house” by MisterWives (sung by Jacob Adner ’18). Next up were the all-female Colbyettes, followed by EVE. Mayflower Chill delivered a haunting rendition of Lorde’s “Bravado” (sung by Ava Baker ’18), along with Kygo’s “Nothing Left” (sung by Matt Sindler ’18). “[This weekend’s performance] was special because we had the chance to be both fun and serious at the same time,” said Baker. “At big events we usually open for other people, like the dancers at Drag Ball,” she continued, “So it was definitely exciting to perform in an official function.”

This was a particularly memorable event for The Megs, who are celebrating their 10-year anniversary. Their enthusiasm was infectious as they transitioned from Calvin Harris’ “How Deep Is Your Love” (sung by Stacey Hou ’18) to Disclosure’s “Omen” (sung by Josua Lutian ’18). “Watching parents light up when their child walks on stage makes nine hour rehearsal weeks worth it,” said The Megs’ Lauren Gluck ’16. “Their smiles, it’s why we do this.” After a beautiful performance by the Sirens, The Blue Lights brought the show to a close with Zac Brown Band’s “Natural Disaster” and the Backstreet Boys’s “I Want it That Way”.

The performance made a lasting impression on those who attended, and newer groups received a considerable amount of attention. “Mayflower Chill, one of the newest groups, has really found their ‘sound’ I think, and all the groups have a ton of talent,” explained Oleynik. “The Sirens were another stand out group this weekend, and will definitely be a group to watch the rest of this year.” As Gluck noted, the event was especially enjoyable for the parents of the students in the show. Sindler of Mayflower Chill said, “Di Hu, the only freshman in our group, started beat boxing while we were singing bravado and two dads in the front row started bumping their heads, just grooving to it.”

All in all, the show was a success and turnout was above average. “They eventually had to start letting people in without tickets because so many people showed up,” said Baker. Amid all the frenzy of homecoming weekend, it was a great way to end the night.

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