The Cheap Seats with Rob Dettmann ’20

In this edition of the Cheap Seats, we sit down with Cross Country’s Rob Dettmann ’20 to discuss pleasure songs, Thanksgiving, and ancient civilizations.

Colby Echo (E) : How long have you been running?

Rob Dettmann (D): I’ve been running since fourth grade.

E: What’s your favorite thing about running?

RD: The people and the high.

E: Do you have a favorite memory from your running career?

RD: My last 800m race of my high school career. I was seeded very low and ended up crushing my fastest time and placing in my conference.

E: If you were to be from an ancient civilization, which would you be from and why?

RD: Ancient Greek civilization. Since sixth grade when I became aware of the Greek Gods, I’ve come to love ‘em.

E: What’s your guilty pleasure song?

RD: Promiscuous Girl

E: Do you have any nicknames?

RD: Yeah, D-town, Bobby D, Keith

E: What’s one food that you hate?

RD: Hate’s definitely a strong word. I hate Hitler, I dislike broccoli.

E: What’re your favorite and least favorite Thanksgiving Day foods?

RD: Love the stuffing. Mashed sweet potatoes are overrated but I love the fries.

E: If we reach the singularity in the foreseeable future, and humans upload consciousness into robots, what abilities does “Robot Rob” have?

RD: Mac and cheese.

E: Would you rather have hiccups for the rest of your life or lose a hand?

RD: Lose a hand.

E: If there’s ever a documentary made about you what’s it called and who’s narrating it?

RD: “How’s Good?” narrated by Keith Barnachez.

E: What do you think is the most quotable movie?

RD: Happy Gilmore.

E: What’s the most embarrassing trend you’ve partaken in during your life?

RD: V-neck t-shirts.

E: If you were an inanimate object what would you be?

RD: Pizza.

E: Describe your favorite meme format.

RD: The confused Nick Young meme.

E: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

RD: Is a house really a home if your loved one’s gone? No, a hot dog is not a sandwich

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