¢onia’s Corner

Wake up in the Morning,

Feeling like D-Greeney.

Grab my phone,

To check the weather,

The degrees are in the teenies!

Before I leave,

Brush my teeth,

And grab my jacket.

And when I leave for breakfast,

My head is hatted.

I’m talking:

Snow all on the ground, ground,

The leaves are falling down, down,

It’s icy all around, round.

Blundstones on my feet, feet,

They are not L.L. Bean, Bean,

The grass is no longer greeeeen.

First snow, here we go,

Gotta let my parents know.

Take a picture on my phone,

Cause it’s not like this at home.

I’m a California girl,

Unaccustomed to this world.

Snow, snow, snow, snow.

Snow, snow, snow, snow.

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