Yaks create campus uproar

Over the past two weeks, the Colby community became concerned with an event that occurred in the East Quad dormitory. While there is some ambiguity surrounding the details, many members of the community began to hear about a drug deal, HIV-and-gonorrhea-positive condoms found in the bathroom and the hallways and other serious events that caused the police and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to make an appearance.

Once the Echo caught wind of such news, we spoke with both the Deputy Chief at the Waterville Police Department, Charles Rumsey, and the Director of Colby Security, Peter Chenevert. Both sources stated that they have no report on record of any incident occurring in or around East Quad during the time period in question. This was a surprise to the editorial staff, and forced us to go back to the drawing board.

After much conversation about where we heard about the incident, the editorial staff found a common denominator: the social media app Yik Yak.

The recent Yik Yak feeds have been dominated by conversations about what allegedly occurred in East. Posts varied from topics such as, “To clear everything up about East: Someone put many used condoms everywhere with the intention of infecting people with his/hers disease, HIV, and Ghoneres [sic], which is why police had to come,” to “Stop asking about East we are not allowed to tell anyone, and the administration made that very clear to us.”

The staff soon realized that users of Yik Yak could have created this rumor out of nothing, although posts from this week such as “The F*ck is the DEA in East right now…” continue to cause speculation about whether or not an event occurred. For now, lack of official evidence tells us that no incident took place, but the many posts on Yik Yak highlight the power of social media to create panic and widespread speculation on a small campus such as this one.

While the past few weeks have seen a large amount of hysteria due to Yik Yak, one cannot discredit the social media app for providing an entertaining way to procrastinate from the stress of finals week. As one Yakker cleverly acknowledged, “My yakma [sic] points at are [sic] 1984. I think it’s a sign that I need to read Orwell for my exam and stop yaking [sic].”

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