Woodsmen finish historic season with another victory

Coming off impressive seasons thus far, hopes were high for both the men and women of the Colby Woodsmen team as they went into their last meet of the season this past Saturday at the University of New Hampshire. On beautiful fall day in Durham, both teams went on to deliver solid  results to cap off yet another strong season for one of New England’s most respected woodsmen teams.

The women again demonstrated their undeniable skills  coming in first place at UNH.  The win was their third in as many meets, further asserting their dominance as a top team in the region. Their season began strong on September 26 at nearby Unity College in, where strong individual performances carried the team to victory. Alyssa Andrews ’17 won the Single Buck and placed in both the Horizontal and Vertical Chop, while Captain Julia Rogers ‘16 came first in both chop events.  The women also dominated the team Bow Saw and Log Deck events, taking a firm lead and going on to win a resounding victory.

The highlight of the women’s season, however, came on October 17 at the University of New Brunswick.  Since woodsmen competitions are traditionally dominated by Canadian teams, the prospect of an American win  on Canadian soil seemed unlikely. Undeterred, the women went on to take the first UNB win in Colby history,  as well as the first win for an American team in over 25 years. Andrews again put in a strong showing, taking first in the Vertical Chop, backed up by Captain Emily Berry ‘16, who took first in the Super Swede Saw and second in the horizontal chop. Berry ’16 described the victory, saying, “Winning in Canada was an incredible experience,” going on to say “We have a really strong team this semester and our hard work definitely paid off.” The victory at UNB served as momentum going into UNH,  where the team capped off what has been one of the most impressive woodsmen seasons in Colby history.

While not as successful as the women’s side, the men’s team still put on a promising display this season. Placing fourth overall at the Unity meet, the men hoped for improvement going into the New Brunswick. Unfortunately, with significantly harder competition north of the border, the men fell to 11th place at UNB, and failed  to place in any events. The Maritime College of Forest Technology would go on to take first in the men’s division of the UNB meet, and the host team finished narrowly behind in second. Despite the setback at UNB, the Mules  again looked strong this past weekend at UNH, finishing a respectable fourth place against tough competition.

As the fall season draws to a close, the Woodsmen can be proud of their performances. With the women completing a historic 3-for-3 winning season, and the men showing promise against seasoned competition, both teams  look ahead to the famed mud meet, hosted at Colby this coming spring. WOODSMEN

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