Waterville principal to be dismissed

Waterville Senior High School’s Principal, Don Reiter, has been recommended for dismissal by School Superintendent, Eric Haley. Gregg Frame is representing Reiter in the case and believes that his client should be reinstated. He stated that there is no reason he should not be in school and that the allegations could very well be false. No information on the allegations has surfaced. Reiter has been on paid leave since September 1 as he is still an employee until a decision has been made. He cannot be dismissed without cause. While on leave, Brian Laramee, the assistant principal, is stepping in as   temporary replacement.

Reiter received a Bachelor of Arts in history and political science from Brown University. He has served as principal for Waterville Senior High since 2007. A couple of seniors told Maine’s Principals’ Association, “He’s very approachable and has a great sense of humor. He supports us by coming to our sports events. He’s the best!” Prior to coming to Waterville, Reiter was the principal at Buckfield Junior-Senior High School and an assistant principal, department chairman, and social studies teacher at Mascenic Regional High School in New Hampshire. He has had no record prior to this case.

On November 10, 2015, the case will be heard in front of the school board, an event open to the public. Reiter claims he has nothing to hide and thus decided on an open case; however ,he will not share information on the accusations beforehand. Details will remain private so the case material isn’t tainted and the confidentiality of those involved is not broken. Haley became aware of the accusations on August 27, the first day of school. Haley reported the incident to the police on November 2, which  claimed he did with the knowledge that something illegal might have taken place.

Frame said the allegations, whether they are fact or fiction, could ruin an educator’s reputation and livelihood. In an interview with the Kennebec Journal he stated; “It could be a landmark case for teachers and administrators in Maine. I think every teacher and administrator should be cheering for Don in this regard.” Although Reiter’s wife filed for divorce on September 15, Frame is confident that the divorce is in no way connected with the allegations or case in general. He is not certain but assumes off of his own merit. Reiter wished to keep the divorce information sealed until after the hearing in hopes of protecting his 7-year-old daughter, but his request was denied.

Both Waterville Police and the school have concluded investigations. Waterville Police Chief, Joseph Massey, stated that he could not share information on the case due to it being a pending criminal case. However, he did say that “[the] investigation is complete and has been submitted to the District Attorney’s Office”. The internal school investigation included interviews of 20 staff members and teachers. Haley said it has been a tough situation for the staff members as well as the students. People want to know the details, as Haley understands; however, the case will remain confidential as they attempt to resolve the case as soon as possible.

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