Waterville girl’s soccer wins states

This past Saturday, Nov. 8th, the Waterville girl’s soccer team claimed the Class B crown after beating Cape Elizabeth High School in a 1-0 victory. With only 38.1 seconds remaining in overtime, it was a last-chance shot launched from the 25-yard line that ended this year’s state championship match. This surprising and exciting finish served to be a perfect close to such an intense game.

This was not the first time these two teams have faced one another in such a setting. It was only last year that the Panthers and Capers battled it out in the 2013 state championships. Yet after a similar evenly-matched game filled with intensity, last year’s game ended in a 2-1 victory for Cape Elizabeth in penalty kicks. It was this vivid memory of such a nail biting match that brought both teams to the field with an overwhelming passion and desire to win.

However, despite the strong aspirations held by both teams, it was ultimately Waterville who came out on top. Wilson, head coach for the Waterville team, attributed the win to the team’s ability to maintain stamina throughout the match due to their exceptional fitness level, developed through the heavy amount of running and conditioning his team did throughout the season (according to the Portland Press Herald). Constantly working hard immediately from the start of the year, it was evident that the Waterville Panthers were craving a rematch of the last state final.

With the result of this years’ state championship, Waterville ended their season with an 18-0 record, tallying 16 of the games as shutouts, and outscoring their opponents 90-2 through the regional semifinal.

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