Waterville City Council Minutes: 2020 so far

January 7

New Business

Recognizing the bicentennial of State of Maine

Amendment to the marijuana ordinance

Community Notes

Nancy Sanford thanked the Police Department for their response to a shooting in her neighborhood

Julian Payne asked how the search to replace current City Manager Mike Roy was going and said that “the search should be a nation-wide effort. Mayor Isgro indicated that the process was going to begin in the spring.”

City Clerk Dubois announced that there will be a Charter Commission Public Hearing on Wednesday, January 8th and invited community members.

January 21


Nick Isgro proclaimed Waterville School Choice Week (pictured right)

Unfinished Business

The marijuana ordinance from Jan. 7 was discussed further. Mayor Isgro said that “state law is complicated and questioned what we were trying to regulate.” Code Enforcement Officer Dan Bradstreet said that he had talked with “other municipalities and no one is exempting commercial cultivation facilities from licensing.” Jennifer Bergeron said that “she doesn’t feel that the city has the right to charge a fee and questioned whether municipal authorization is needed…medical cultivation applications are confidential and that caregivers are only recouping their expenses.”

Councilor Updates

Councilor Morris commended the plowing efforts of the Public Works employees on New Year’s Eve and announced a pizza lunch for the crew.

Community Notes

Scott McAdoo talked about food insecurity in the community and relayed the work being done to address it.

Yardgoods Center employee Linda Warner “pointed out that the handicapped parking stickers don’t address the parking problem for knitters who are attending classes at their location. Ms. Warner asked that there be consideration given to extending parking to 3 hours.” Mayor Isgro said that it would be voted on at the next meeting.

A change of the downtown parking ban from midnight to 1 a.m. was proposed by Ms. Bergeron, “for the benefit of customers who frequent businesses who are open until 1 a.m.”

Julian Payne, Ward 5 School Board member, “recognized Eric Haley for the E-Sports program which builds teamwork and communication.”

Manager’s Report

Addressing the discussion in the last meeting of his replacement, City Manager Roy proposed two options, either to have the replacement begin in November “in order to work with him until the end of December when his contract ends,” or to have them start in January and “have him stay on a part-time basis for two months in order to provide guidance during the budget process.”


February 4

Community Notes

Scott McAdoo shared that a community closet is opening. They are taking donations and supplying free clothes. They will be open Thursdays from 1 to 3 PM at the Second Baptist Church at 172 Water Street       Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Second Baptist Church at 172 Water Street

Elizabeth Leonard, retired Colby professor who works with the Poor Peoples’ Campaign, shared that “this group is a movement of poor people to hold politician’s accountable and urged anyone who might be interested in learning more to speak with her.”

Mindy Jacobs shared that a stipend is allowing a senior employee to go to a conference in Chicago. Also, “the library’s participation numbers are way up.”

Manager’s Report

City Manager Roy said that nominations for the Spirit of America Volunteer of the Year Award are open and should be sent to him.

City Manager Roy said that the streetlights LED conversion is 75% complete and that he is expecting $150,000 savings for the year from the project.

Councilor Morris asked to form a search committee to replace City Manager Roy.

Police Chief Massey explained a parking study which suggests that “there was a need for more all-day parking in the Concourse and suggested changing a section of the lot from 2-hour to all-day parking.” City Manager Roy said that the 2-hour parking signs would be taken down.

Linda Warner of Yardgoods brought up her request for changing parking and “asked whether more parking permits could be provided to her class attendees that aren’t qualified for handicapped parking.”

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