Trinity faces concert controversy

This week in NESCAC news, Trinity College has erupted over their Spring Concert headliner, Action Bronson.
Heading into last week, Trinity College was preparing to announce the performers for their annual Spring Concert. This year, Action Bronson, a professional chef turned rapper was hired. Upon hearing this many students at the college turned to social media to condemn the rapper for his questionable lyrics about women. According to the Trinity Tripod, Trinity’s student run newspaper, concerned members of the community created a petition on the website that called for the removal of Action Bronson from the Spring Concert. The petition has amassed over thirteen thousand supporters online in only a few short days.
The Trinity Tripod describes the petition as making a statement about the school’s “commitment to student safety.” It continues to say that “The petition made many crucial points regarding the College’s commitment to student’s safety. While some students voiced the sentiment that if people do not like Action Bronson, they can simply not attend the concert, the petition responded gracefully: ‘We want to make clear that this is not about choosing not to go to a concert, rather, this is about having some say in how Trinity spends our money, and the campus climate we want to create.’” The petition goes on to formally discuss many lyrics in various songs by Action Bronson that promote violence, especially toward women.
As the week continued, the argument over Action Bronson’s performance became more and more heated, as other students have stepped in claiming that by canceling Bronson’s performance the school is promoting censorship of ideas and art. This new argument claims that instead of taking Bronson’s questionable lyrics as a chance to discuss safety and sexual violence on campus, the school has simply pushed the issues further under the metaphorical rug.
The article, also in the Trinity Tripod, cites that some students disagree with the performer’s removal, “To state that Bronson is a misogynist is a difficult issue to discuss.  Was I uncomfortable watching Bronson’s ‘Brunch’ when he calls his dead ex-girlfriend a ‘stupid c–t’ and ‘scumbag b—h’ before he stabs her, tears out a lock of her hair, spits on her, and yells at her again? Yes, this behavior is misogynistic. On the other hand, the majority of Bronson’s work is relatively tame compared to most rappers. Examining Bronson’s public reveals a jovial rapper and chef who cooked and performed his way across the country.”
By removing Bronson from the ticket, Trinity has managed to spark another controversy, this time about freedom of speech and the true beliefs behind the school. As of May 3, 2016, Trinity has made no formal statement regarding these new concerns, but one should plan on hearing about a replacement for Action Bronson as the headliner at much-anticipated Spring Concert.

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