The student-run Colby Café to open in January

As was recently announced in a campus-wide email there will soon be a student-run café on Mayflower Hill, set to appear in the coming months. The Colby Café, created by the Colby Coffee Club, will be a student-run café located in the Mary Low Coffeehouse and will be operational from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Thursday through Saturday nights.

Each month, the Café will feature a different coffee roaster from different areas in the state of Maine, with an emphasis on the quality of the bean and the overall flavor of the coffee. The hope is that the café is not only a place for students to drink coffee, but also that it will be a very relaxed recreational space that students will be able utilize.

Brendan Paquette ’16, one of the presidents of the Colby Coffee Club and also subsequently a facilitator of The Colby Café, says that he hopes the space will “not only be a place for students to drink the best coffee they’ve ever tasted, but it will also act as a place for them to meet up, hang out, and attend many events like comedians, musicians, open-mic night, and so on.”

Although Sodexo is the food service for the College and has a contract to exclusively provide food for the school, the creation of The Colby Café does not violate Sodexo’s contract since the café is created and run by students. In fact, Sodexo and the dining services have been working with the Colby Coffee Club since last spring to establish such a space. Furthermore, the Colby Coffee Club will also use Sodexo to acquire non-coffee related items such as locally sourced milk and pastries made by Sodexo among other things.

The Colby Coffee Club will be hiring and training students as baristas throughout December and hopes that they will be able to open the anticipated coffee house in early January.

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