The Shamrock Shake returns from a year-long hiatus

March is upon us, which means that the Shamrock Shake, the green, mint-flavored milkshake served at McDonald’s restaurants for a limited time in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, has returned from its 11-month-long hiatus.

The Echo spoke to Nick, a staff member at the McDonald’s on Main Street, about what the shake’s return means of McDonald’s staff.

“We all love it because it’s different; it’s not just the standard three flavors that we offer, obviously, so it kind of gets you in the mood for St. Patrick’s Day. I mean, you can see all the decorations and stuff,” Nick said, referring to the glittering, green shamrock symbols hanging from the ceiling.

“To be honest, I like it in the beginning [of Shamrock Shake season] when many people don’t know about it yet, because then we’re not stuck making a lot and there’s more for the staff to enjoy.”

Nick described the clamor for the shake once customers realize that it’s back. He said that he witnessed customers buying shakes in large quantities to bring back to their families, or to put in their freezer to preserve them for when McDonald’s stops selling them. Sometimes, Nick said, customers have even requested to purchase bottles of the syrup used to make the shakes.

This year, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Shamrock Shake, McDonald’s is also selling a mint-flavored Oreo Shamrock McFlurry: a blend of vanilla ice cream, Shamrock syrup, and Oreo bits.

“That’s been a bigger hit than the shakes themselves,” Nick said.

Some Colby students expressed excitement for the return of the Shamrock Shakes.

“I think Shamrock Shakes are underrated and I miss them all year,” Noah Schimanski `21 said. “I actually make a concerted effort to get shakes in March because of Shamrock Shakes.”

Jack MacPhee `21 also praised the Shamrock Shake.

“I’m very glad they’re back,” he said. “I think it’s a very underrated drink, and I’m looking forward to getting one in the near future.”

Anna Piermattei `21 described the excitement she feels each year when the Shamrock Shake is made available at her local McDonald’s.

“Every single year I look forward to March 1st specifically for the return of the Shamrock Shake, and the first one I had this year was on March 1st, the day it came out…You know, you forget what it tastes like [while it’s gone]. You think, ‘it’s green, it’s a milkshake,’ and then it hits you, and it’s mint, it’s soothing, you taste it. It’s a great, great, milkshake,” Piermattei explained. “The worst day of the year is when they take it away and you don’t realize, and then you never knew that that was going to be your last Shamrock Shake.”

One student, however, levied heavy criticisms against the Shamrock Shake and those who drink it during an interview with the Echo.

“Shamrock Shakes are back but they’re overrated and not good,” Patrick Forelli `21 said. “They’re just green and colorful and survive on simple-minded people who are attracted to shiny objects and find the name intriguing.”

Shamrock Shake supporters were disappointed and angered to learn that there were students at the Colby who do not share their love for the cold blend of vanilla ice cream and Shamrock Shake syrup.

“Your opinion is wrong,” MacPhee said, addressing Shamrock Shake haters. “That’s all I got to say.”

“I would say that [people who don’t like Shamrock Shakes] didn’t have a childhood, because the Shamrock Shake is a quintessential part of any kid’s childhood,” Piermattei added.

The Shamrock Shake is available now for a limited time at participating McDonald’s restaurants.

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