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Review of Xanadu

Review of Xanadu

On Friday night in Page Commons, before an excited audience, Nora Hill `18 quoted Leonard Bernstein, “To achieve greatness, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.” Director of this year’s One Week, she then proceeded to introduce Xanadu as a fun and ridiculous musical that doesn’t take itself seriously. And it was exactly that. Filled with […]

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Review: Late, a Cowboy Song

Last Friday, April 21, faculty, students, and admitted students crowded into Runnals Theater to watch the opening night of Late, A Cowboy Song. The performance traces the lives of Crick and Mary, a couple in Pittsburgh who have supposedly been in love since age eight, but have struggled with their relationship recently. Crick appears alarmingly possessive over Mary, and Mary […]

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit: the show I can’t talk about

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit takes significant lengths to ensure that all of its content is, almost frighteningly, unknown. Usually, when you see a play, you have a general idea of what it is about. Maybe you looked it up, maybe you heard about it through the grapevine, maybe your friend told you about it while trying to convince you to […]

BMR dazzles Colby with Broadway flair in fall show

BMR dazzles Colby with Broadway flair in fall show

This weekend, the only place you could find more sequins than the Kesha concert was at the fall performance of Colby’s Broadway Musical Revue (BMR). This student-led group is dedicated to performing the best songs from musicals with a signature dash of glitter and a load of humor. “There are lots of serious performance groups on campus,but we are not […]

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Book of Mormon: Review of an unlikely Broadway classic

Student review of The Book of Mormon.

New Works Festival producers prepare for opening night

New Works Festival, a culmination of a semester’s worth of work by students and faculty involved in seven classes across both the Theater and Dance Department and the Music Department, prepares to open.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hiphop operetta, a review

Ask anyone that knows me even a little and they will tell you that I am a musical theater nerd. My sister and I would sing together while doing dishes, figuring out who would sing which part of what harmony and who got to be Glinda and who got to be Elphaba. I can probably blame my dad for this, […]

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Powder & Wig takes on mental illness in Next to Normal

Powder & Wig takes on mental illness in Next to Normal

In an era when mental illness and the stigma surrounding it are extremely hot topics, especially on college campuses, it’s only that Powder and Wig brought these themes to the Colby campus. Next to Normal, a rock musical with music by Tom Kitt and book and lyrics by Brian Yorkey, is the winner of three 2009 Tony Awards and a […]

P&W delights campus with performance of “The Nerd”

Throughout one’s life, one suffers through a variety of hardships and faces many obstacles. However, there is one adversity that a person hopes to never face: the horrible roommate. The Nerd, written by Larry Shue, deals with this problem in a humorously cringeworthy manner that, if you live in a single, will have you thanking the room-draw gods. Powder and […]

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Sitting down with Powder and Wig President, Katherine Kibler ’16

With years of experience under her belt, a passion for theater, and a crop of new talent from this year’s freshman class, the president of student run theater group Powder and Wig Katherine Kibler ’16 is prepared for anything. This week, she sat down with The Colby Echo to discuss her role in the student theater club and their plans […]