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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at Merrill Auditorium, Thursday, Aug. 4, 2016, in Portland, Main (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Health care reform: Trump’s ticking time bomb

After President Trump’s joint-address to Congress—at which he gave a rough outline of a replacement for Obamacare—Trump told reporters, “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” FiveThirtyEight’s Ben Casselman dryly noted that Trump’s remark drew “incredulous reactions from the approximately 100 percent of people who knew that health care could be so complicated.” Due to the scope of health […]

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A festival featuring Mumford & Sons drew a large crowd in 2012. Couresy of Friends of the Eastern Promenade.

Obama’s millenial legacy

As President Barack Obama rounds the final stretch of his presidential tenure, political scientists and historians are beginning to question the legacy he leaves behind. Much of this debate is focused on Obama’s most symbolic and controversial actions, such as his implementation of the Affordable Care Act and his expansion of executive power. While much ink is shed about these […]

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$250,000 coming to Waterville to combat drug use

On Friday, March 11, the Obama Administration revealed a new initiative that will provide $94 million to 271 substance abuse treatment programs at community health centers in 45 states, four of which are in Maine. The initiative is receiving its funding from grants under the Affordable Care Act. The  announcement came the day after the Senate approved the Comprehensive Addiction […]

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McKibben reported on climate discussion from Paris

McKibben reported on climate discussion from Paris

On December 2, Andrew W. Mellon Distinguished Fellow Bill McKibben addressed members of the Colby and Middlebury College communities via a Skype session organized by the two schools’ respective Environmental Studies departments. McKibben, who called from the Paris Climate Conference, reported on the ongoing negotiations and discussions that are currently being held in the city. McKibben is an active American […]

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No flights, no service, no guns

No flights, no service, no guns

In his weekly address this past week, President Obama added a new dimension to the debate surrounding gun control by calling for citizens on the FBI’s No Fly List to be prohibited from buying guns, tying the move to the recent shooting in San Bernardino, California. “Right now, people on the No Fly list can walk into a store and […]

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Stop de-Americanizing dissenters

Stop de-Americanizing dissenters

As the situation in Syria deteriorates and events such as the recent Paris attacks worsen fears about general safety, debates on whether or not we should be taking in more refugees are growing increasingly heated. President Obama hopes to take in 10,000 more Syrian refugees this year, but the U.S. Congress, and state governors, remain divided on whether we should […]

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Denali: an open letter to the President

Denali: an open letter to the President

Dear President Obama, On August 30, you endorsed an order that restored the name of our country’s tallest peak to what the Alaskan natives have been calling it for centuries: Mount Denali. I think this was a wonderful gesture. While William McKinley was a good president and deserves our recognition, it doesn’t make sense to honor him with a mountain […]

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