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What you can’t unhear: eavesdropping on campus

What you can’t unhear: eavesdropping on campus

My first year at Colby, I inhabited Marriner 205, which, at 170 square feet, is one of the smallest first year doubles on campus. Despite its cramped quarters, however, it had one redeeming quality: it was the ideal place for people watching. Nestled above one of the two entrances into Marriner, room 205 was the ideal vantage point for seeing […]

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On finding solitude and the ideal bathrooms on campus

The moment I felt Colby became my home was the moment I found the perfect place to drop a brick. As a first year, there’s nothing like finding that perfect place to take a shit. For the first time since you moved into a 200 square-foot room with another human, and began sharing a bathroom with 15 other people, finding […]

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