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LePage outlines delivers State of the State, addresses wages

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, Governor Paul LePage gave his sixth and final State of the State speech in which he addressed his agenda, concerns, and the budget for Maine. In response to new state legislation LePage said, “Our economy and our way of life are under attack.” LePage began the speech by addressing his plans for tax reform. Angered by […]

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Drug overdoses rise in Maine

The number of drug overdose deaths in Maine has increased annually to reach a record high in 2016. This past year marked an unprecedented growth in drug related deaths, with the number soaring to 40 percent of all fatalities in the state, accounting for 378 deaths according to the Kennebec Journal. Other states in New England are experiencing a similar […]

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LePage’s endorsement of Trump raises questions

After speaking out against Republican Presidential Candidate and current frontrunner Donald Trump at the Republican Governor’s meeting, saying that Trump would hurt the party and urged the governors present to pen an “open letter” to the American people, Governor LePage has endorsed Trump for president. Additionally, on February 9, the day of the New Hampshire primary, LePage told Bangor’s radio […]

Governor LePage Causes Controversy with Racist Remarks

Maine Governor Paul LePage has attracted a large amount of national criticism recently. In early January, LePage made headlines when he complained about drug dealers “by the name of D-money, Smoothie, and Shifty” who bring heroin into Maine, “half the time impregnat[ing] a young, white girl before they leave.” In response, reporters and pundits on the right and left characterized […]

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Permits no longer required for concealed carry in Maine

Last Thursday, a new gun law took effect in Maine that removed the permit requirement for concealed-carry. Under the former system, which had been in place for 90 years, concealed carry of a firearm was legal only with a police issued permit “which required a background check; fingerprints; six pages of questions about the applicant’s criminal history, domestic violence investigations, […]

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Sovereignty order revoked between State and Native American tribes

Sovereignty order revoked between State and Native American tribes

An executive order issued by Governor Paul LePage has unexpectedly changed the nature of the relationship between the State of Maine and four federally recognized Native American tribes. On Sat. April 16, Gov. LePage issued an executive order rescinding an order that he issued in 2011 to facilitate cooperation and communication between state government and individual tribes. The original order, […]