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(Re)Introducing WMHB, Colby’s popular radio station

On the ground floor of Bob’s, down a hallway and past a bulletin board littered with radio stickers, lives Colby’s on-campus radio broadcasting office. WHMB, headed by Sam LeFeber ’17, airs a variety of student-run shows all week. Programs range from talk shows and “epic banter” to hour-long classic rock jam sessions. Sometimes, if there is a big event on […]

Where in the World: Off campus for Jan Plan ’17

by Caitlin Rogers While many Colby students stay on campus for Jan Plan, some take the opportunity to go on one of several international trips Colby offers. Others took classes abroad, and some secured month-long internships off-campus. This year, Colby offered many international classes, including ones in France, India, Uganda, and Russia. Freshly back from their travels, three students share […]

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Faces Around Campus: Scott A. Cornforth

by Louisa Goldman Although college is commonly characterized by lifelong bonds formed with peers and professors, quite possibly the most consistent relationship a student will have over the course of their four years is that with their dining hall’s cashiers. On Mayflower Hill, a cafeteria cashier’s approving Colby Card swipe is the required price of admittance into Foss, Bob’s, or […]