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Cote '85 and former Maine Governor Joe Brennan.

Democrat Adam Cote ’95 runs for governor of Maine

There has not been a Colby alumnus as Maine governor since 1908, but, 100 years later, that could change. Adam Cote ’95, a member of the Democratic party, announced his candidacy for governor on April 19 2017. His campaign slogan “New Leadership, Strong Economy,” speaks to his status as an outside candidate and his decision to run for public office […]

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A professor’s response

A professor’s response

I’m grateful for Mike Wincek’s ’15 thoughtful response to my recently published New York Times essay, “Advice for My Conservative Students.” Without this kind of dialogue, it becomes easier to let our arguments and beliefs go unexamined. In the spirit of ongoing debate, I’d like to push back on a few of Mr. Wincek’s central claims in “Advice for My […]

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Some Colby students at the caucus on Sunday.

My journey to moderation in politics

I have always been a person who asks questions. In kindergarten, I dared to ask one of my peers how she could be so firm in her belief in the literal truth of the Bible. She was retelling the story of Moses parting the Red Sea when I interrupted her and questioned her faith. “How do you know?” I asked […]

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The Trumpocalypse: Democrats underestimating the Donald

The Trumpocalypse: Democrats underestimating the Donald

Way back in September, I wrote a long opinion piece on why I didn’t think Bernie Sanders was a viable candidate. Re-reading the article now, I still stand by most of what I said—even if I underestimated Bernie’s longevity. However, what stuck out to me more than my focus on Bernie was my lack of focus on Donald Trump. In […]

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