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Professors debate partisanship in the classroom

Professors debate partisanship in the classroom

By Liam Simes and Alessandro Maglione The controversial presidential election of Donald Trump has sparked a vigorous backlash in the country, noticeably on college campuses, and in response, conservative groups have been condemning what they see as an attack on freedom of speech. Colby College professor Aaron Halon, in his New York Times op-ed “Advice for my Conservative Students”, acknowledges […]

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Some students don’t mind destroying homes

Some students don’t mind destroying homes

With seven destroyed exit signs, and ceiling tile damages, three puddles of vomit, a broken soap dispenser, shattered glass, a torn window screen, and excessive untidiness in common spaces, this weekend the Alfond Senior Apartments were billed $809.59 for damage repair and fined $3,650.00, bringing vandalism expenses to a total of $4,459.59 in the apartments alone. Residence hall vandalism surged […]

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Is a Colby education worth the high price tag?

Is a Colby education worth the high price tag?

With $64,000 a year, you could eat lunch and dinner at the Gramercy Tavern every day. You could go on 280 private helicopter tours of NYC. You could give away 178 season passes to Sugarloaf or attend the broadway musical Hamilton 128 times. You could also donate 213 irrigation pumps to families in need of clean water or 24,000 mosquito […]

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How rich are Colby kids?

How rich are Colby kids?

Lost and found items at the Information Desk are as follows: several unclaimed Apple watches, box of Louis Vuitton stationary, plane ticket to Geneva, Tiffany’s sterling silver drinking straw, pair of Crocs with diamond Jibbitz, Bugatti car keys, smoothie cup. “Dude, my car keys are at the info desk,” I shout to my roommate, who is doing a line of […]

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Changes made to the Goldfarb center leadership

In a school wide communication on Feb. 15, Provost and Dean of Faculty Lori Kletzer announced that Professor of Government Dan Shea has decided to step down from his directorship of the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civil Engagement to return to full time research, writing, and work with students. Shea, a prolific author on the American political process, […]

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Alfond  spearheads Maine student debt solution

Alfond spearheads Maine student debt solution

The efforts of Colby and the Alfond Foundation to revive Waterville extended their boundaries on Tuesday, with the foundation announcing it would pay off some or all of the college loans of anyone who moves to Maine or stays in Maine after graduation to work in the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). In a lunchtime ceremony downtown […]

The Thursday night dilemma

Part 1: The first in a series about grades at Colby It’s a Thursday night after a long day of classes and a three-hour track workout; I’m sitting in Dana, scarfing down a bowl of pasta when my phone buzzes, reminding me about an extra credit talk in five minutes for my history class. To go or not to go? […]

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The storied history of the Joseph Family Spa

by Ethan Schuler Everyone at Colby has been to the Spa at least once, and most students go to get a quesadilla, fries, coffee, or a bagel pretty regularly. Officially called the Joseph Family Spa, this popular campus meeting space has a little-known history. In the past seven decades, the Spa has existed in four different locations and served a […]

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Faces Around Campus: Scott A. Cornforth

by Louisa Goldman Although college is commonly characterized by lifelong bonds formed with peers and professors, quite possibly the most consistent relationship a student will have over the course of their four years is that with their dining hall’s cashiers. On Mayflower Hill, a cafeteria cashier’s approving Colby Card swipe is the required price of admittance into Foss, Bob’s, or […]

Global Task Force findings

Last Wednesday, President Greene issued a response to the Global Task Force Report. Published in May 2016, the Report made numerous recommendations for the purpose of “strengthening, enhancing, and revolutionizing Colby’s global profile, reach, engagements, and partnerships.” In his response, Greene referenced the importance of such a report given the current state of politics: “As many here and abroad seek […]

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