Mother of missing Waterville toddler receives death certificate

Dressed in a green polka dot nightgown, 20 month old Ayla Reynolds snuggled drowsily into bed at her paternal grandmother’s Waterville home on a cold December night. Her adventurous nature had caused a fall while with her father three weeks’ prior, resulting in the soft splint she wore on her left arm. Knowing of her niece’s rambunctious personality, aunt Elisha DiPietro cracked the door open to make sure Ayla had indeed gone to sleep nearly two hours after her 8:00 p.m. bed time. The toddler’s favorite doll peeped out under the covers; except for her breathing, everything was still. According to Ayla’s father, who was staying with his daughter in his mother’s Waterville home that night, this was all that happened in the late hours of December 16th, 2011. But that doesn’t explain why nearly a cup full of the young girl’s blood was recovered on his bedroom floor.

by Louisa Goldman· · 3 comments · Editor Pick Local, Featured, Local