Students restart Sailing Club

In the past, the Sailing Club at the College participated in the New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association (NEISA), a network of forty-two schools with both club teams and varsity programs in the area. The club was popular among students, averaging about thirty members each year, and they practiced on the nearby Belgrade Lakes. However, in the Spring semester of 2013, the club shut down. Now, current sophomore Andrew Beacham ’17 is looking to restart it with one of his classmates, Will Kimball ’17.

Beacham is a member of the Ocean City Yacht Club in Ocean City, N.J.. Kimball was a sailing instructor this past summer in Mt. Desert Island, Maine. “As a seasoned sailor, I was looking for continue my passion in college. I reached out to a couple of upperclassman and they told me about the past club team. They said in the past it was a hit but fell by the wayside. I knew starting the club back up would be a great opportunity for me to continue sailing competitively, and be able to share my passion with other passionate sailors at Colby.”

Recently, the Club struck a deal with Bowdoin College. They will be using the Bowdoin sailboats to practice on Thursdays. While this will keep costs low for the Club, they also plan to fundraise by selling merchandise.

With an abundance of sailors in the Colby community, the Club is headed toward a successful future. Eliza Dunne ’17, who grew up sailing on Long Island Sound in Norwalk, Conn. and started a sailing club at her high school. Dunne was dissapointed when she came to the College and found that the Sailing Club no longer existed.

“I’m thrilled to hear that the possibility of a sailing club is being reintroduced and hope it gains momentum. Sailing is a tremendously exhilarating sport, but one that isn’t particularly popular or accessible amongst younger generations. It’d be awesome if we had a place to get people out on the water, even if it wasn’t for competitive reasons—the feeling of being on the water and harnessing the wind is something everyone should have the ability to do at some point in their lives,” Dunne said.

The Club is open to anyone interested in sailing whether they have prior experience or not and hopes to foster a strong group of people who are tied by their love for the sport and sensation of sailing.

Beacham was in Cotter Unionlast Thursday handing out sign-up sheets, but if you missed him, email him and are interested in signing up you can send him an email at:

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