Staffing updates made to Student Life

In a September 3rd email to the student body, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Jim Terhune outlined several staffing changes that were made over the summer.

Dr. Tashia Bradley, Ph.D., was promoted to Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion. Bradley came to Colby in 2011 and most recently served as Associate Dean of Students and Pugh Center Director. According to Terhune, Bradley will now be at the helm of the diversity, inclusion, and equity programs on campus. Among other groups, these programs support first generation college students and international students. Bradley will also continue to “provide senior oversight to the Gender and Sexual Diversity program, chair the Bias Incident Prevention and Response team, and serve as an advising dean.” Bradley’s long academic career has shown a dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion in the college experience, and has prepared her well for this new expanded role on the Hill.

Also taking on a new role is Faith Kagwa, who became Assistant Director of Campus Life. Kagwa supports and promotes student programming by working closely with the Student Programming Board (SPB) and serving as the primary advisor for over 100 clubs. Frequently interacting with students is one of Kagwa’s favorite things about Campus Life, she said in an email. In the coming school year, Kagwa aims to learn what students at the college truly want for programming, so that it is “diverse enough to always attract new students.”

The College has also brought new faces to campus, including a new Associate Dean of Students and Director of Campus Life, Erika Lamarre. Lamarre will take on a vital leadership position in Campus Life programs, including “residential education, housing, student engagement and campus programs, and orientation,” said Terhune. Lamarre is excited about the collaborative aspect of her position as Associate Dean. “It allows me to nurture a great team,” she said in an email.

Lamarre brings significant experience, coming off of a 10-year career at Brandeis University that saw her in several leadership roles. When asked why she was attracted to work at the College, Lamarre said the students drew her in. “[They] combine intellectual curiosity with enthusiasm and openness,” she said. The job also has her back in her home state of Maine. “I can’t stop smiling,” she said.

Lastly, Gines Satchithanandam was appointed the new Associate Director of Campus Life for residential living. Satchithanandam plays an important part by supporting residential education programs. Years of camp experience in the United States and Australia have made him familiar with this type of programming. Satchithanandam works closely with the Community Advisors, which allows him to connect with the student body as a whole. Though new to the Colby community, Satchithanandam says he has already enjoyed interacting with students and seeing “what makes them tick.”

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