SPB announces Fall Concert performers

On Sept. 8, students received a highly anticipated email from the College’s Student Programming Board (SPB): the announcement for the Fall Concert. The artists’ reveal came considerably earlier than in the past few years, this time boasting the popular co-headliners MadeinTYO and Sage the Gemini, with Caleborate as the opening act. This announcement preserves the strong momentum for SPB, which has brought artists that are generally well received by the student body since 2016, including HippoCampus, Quinn XCII, Saint Motel and Ke$ha.

The Echo reached out to Charlie Gomprecht ’20 of SPB to discuss the concert planning process and understand how SPB collects student feedback, both prior to and following events. Gomprecht explained that SPB collects most of its feedback by holding a “General board meeting every week where any student interested in programming is encouraged to come and give their ideas or feedback. When planning this year specifically, we knew that students were not necessarily hugely excited about last years EDM genre [Snakehips and Audien], so we decided to go with more of a rap/R&B vibe which is still reflective of the event space and timing.” 

The members of SPB are not strictly servants of the masses, however, since some wiggle room exists for personal preferences to enhance the decision-making process.

“Our preferences are hugely impacted by who we think would be most successful and well received by the entire student body. We all represent different music tastes and tried to be objective when picking the artists for this fall,” Gomprecht said. “At the end of the day, our decision is hugely impacted by our budget and by who is touring.”

It may be easy to define SPB by the two major events they are most known for throughout the year. Gomprecht noted that SPB moves on to planning the Spring concert immediately after the Fall concert wraps up. However, the board is constantly busy with plenty of smaller projects to be enjoyed as well, mostly with student bands.

Further, Gomprecht wanted to draw student attention towards the previously mentioned general board meetings, which occur each Wednesday at 6 p.m. in Dana.

“[Students] have the potential to affect which artists may be featured at Colby concerts in the future,” Gomprecht said. “As much as we feel confident in our picking abilities, we would love as much input as we can get.” 

SPB also has plans to update its instagram (@coblyspb) into a platform for easy access to campus events. The 2019 Fall Concert will be held in Wadsworth Gymnasium on Saturday, October 12. Tickets will be sold in the Spa for the rest of this week from 12:30-4:00 p.m. with extra fees covered. 

Otherwise, they can be purchased online for $15 with a Colby ID (friends with a College ID can buy tickets for $18).

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