SGA’s second meeting readdresses Colby Affirmation tenants

The Student Government Association (SGA) had its second formal meeting of the year last Sunday, February 28. The meeting began with a presentation from Alisa Johnson, the Director of the Career Center. The Career Center is introducing a new web initiative, Campus Tap. This resource is designed to be a LinkedIn of sorts, except that it is aimed specifically at Colby students with opportunities exclusively from Colby alumni and parents. The website will go live the week after Spring Break; however, the resource is currently open to SGA members for a trial run. Colby alumni and parents are invited to sign up on the website and provide as many services as they can, including job opportunities, career advice, job shadowing positions, and entrepreneurial openings. Over 400 parents and alumni have already registered; the Career Center hopes to have at least 600 people signed up by the time the website is past its beta testing and open to the public.
After this presentation, the SGA meeting proceeded as usual and the Executive Board presented its report. SGA Vice President Brittany Chin ’16 discussed an initiative that was being planned with Secretary of the College Andrew McGadney for the Spring semester trustees event. The proposed event is a panel on Women and Leadership that will be moderated by Chin and Communications Chair Kat Restrepo ’18. Treasurer Osman Bah ’16 talked about planning a “Hand Me Down Night,” along with Campus Life, that will help with transitions in clubs after seniors in leadership  roles graduate. Multicultural Affairs Chair Ramon Arriaga ’16 promoted the Men’s Summit that will take place on, March 4, centered on the theme of hypermasculinity and violence at Colby. Restrepo talked about the narrative surrounding dorm damage at Colby, saying that it might be better to stress  “Stop Being an Ass” rather than the “Be A Mule” theme since dorm damage rates haven’t reduced as effectively as had been originally expected.
The first motion for the day was introduced by Junior Class President Matt Hawkins ’17 regarding internal SGA reform. While the motion was tabled, everyone seemed to agree on its basic tenets. Under the new proposition, the position of Dorm Presidents will be eliminated and instead each class year will have four class Senators. There will be separate duties for each Senator. For more “geographical” responsibilities, SGA hopes to better its relationship with CAs, and will have a CA liaison on SGA. For the junior class, there will be separate elections for both semesters. For the first year class, the fall semester would only have elections for the Class Presidents while the Senator elections would occur alongside elections for other years. Chin added that most other NESCAC schools have SGA positions based on class years, and so Colby’s new model would resemble that of other NESCAC schools’. This new model has been agreed upon by all SGA members, but has not been voted upon as to better write the motion to be added directly to the SGA Constitution. Next year, SGA will now have 33 members, which puts it roughly at the same size as the 2013-14 SGA that was led by Wayne Kim ’14 and Cole Yaverbaum ’14.
The second motion of the day was introduced by sophomore Class President Jake Lester ’18,. He introduced a proposal to the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) to introduce mid-semester professor evaluations. This evaluation would be markedly different from the end-of-the-semester evaluations. SGA President Michael Loginoff ’16, who is also a member of the AAC, will help propose the idea and move it forward.
Administrative Assistant Casey Ballin ’16 then collected committee reports from SGA members. Arriaga talked about a “Mapping Bias” project that BIPR has undertaken. This map would be placed in Pulver and would display where bias incidents are reported. The Library Planning Committee is looking for student input; Liz Paulino ’18, sophomore Class President, encouraged members to respond to emails on the same issue received from library staff members. The Dining Services Committee is trying to find a local source for donut day, and is working on an initiative to get carabiners for students. These would let students take food from the dining halls, and would also be a sustainable option. The Security Advisory Committee is working on a way to ensure that community spaces like common rooms remain clean and usable over the weekends.
“The Football” prize for the week was passed from Heights Dorm President Tanya Kureishi ’17 to Restrepo for her tireless work and support to the SGA. The meeting ended with a brief discussion about SGA website and how it can be improved. SGA will now move back to its fortnightly schedule.

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