SGA President & VP Platform: Matt Hawkins ’17 & Jenner Foster ’17

Thanks for reading! Our names our Matt and Jenner are we running to become the President and Vice President of the Student Government. We are both juniors who have been on SGA in the past and have been working together on projects for almost a year and a half.
We want to emphasize that the President and Vice President are head of SGA broadly, and that we are prepared to lead this group macroscopically – motivating our team, connecting SGA to students, and initiating larger discussions with the administrative body of Colby.
Here we outline steps that we want to take in accomplishing our goal of making Colby more inclusive, safe, and enjoyable as they relate to our five guiding ambitions for running:
First, we want to enable all students to get the most out of their four years at Colby. To do this, we will continue to push the growth of initiatives like the creation of the Center for Teaching and Learning, as well as the future progress of Colby Dining Services and the Libraries.
Second, we want to create a balanced platform with the Administration for discussion and action. This requires SGA to be thorough in its communication with administrators, maintaining continuous dialogue and follow-up. We would also like to see student participation in administrative student committees increase.
Third, we want to increase the approachability of SGA to the student body. This is a joint effort that we would like to foster with both the executive board and the class councils. Through incentivizing greater SGA collaboration with clubs and organizations, specifically through the SGA Treasurer and Publicity chair, we want to see SGA continue to support all organizations as best we can.
Fourth, we want to increase the efficiency of programming and publicity in student life. To start this, we would create a new chair on the Executive Board for student programming. Working with the Publicity chair as well as the departments of Communication, Technology, and Scheduling, as well as all academic departments, Jenner and I want this new position to help make communication around events more visible to students while reducing clutter and the email-dependency of announcements.
Fifth, and most importantly, we believe that it is our chief role as student representatives to support diversity and inclusion in all forms of student engagement. Our focus in this respect will be through the expansion of the Colby Affirmation campaign spear-headed by Michael and Brittany’s administration. With the foundations of the Affirmation (Community, Integrity, and Respect), SGA wants to be as supportive as possible for students who have ideas to make this campus a more welcoming and comfortable space for all students.
Speaking generally, life at Colby is grounded on the voices of its students. In the challenges that we face in the coming year, as well as the achievements that this school has yet to reach, we hope you will have faith in us as your representative voices!

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