SGA President & VP Platform: Anita Guaman ’17 & Aaliyah Michelle Bell ’17

Hello Colby! We want to be your next SGA President and Vice President. Our multiple experiences in leadership positions, continuous curiosity for new concepts, and yearning to hear all voices make us great candidates. We are running because we cannot mentally and socially attend this institution without sincere accountability efforts aimed towards all aspects on and off this campus.
We hope next year we have the opportunity to do so, because it is not only for us, and the environment the community is currently facing, but for future years. We need to make sure that we acknowledge that unaccountable, and insincere things have to be addressed before any incident, and that they have no place at Colby.
The five main points of our platform are:
Community- We have micro communities on this campus and that is okay. We should be able to come together with open perspectives that do not hinder the safety of anyone in this community.
Accountability- What does “Be a mule, not an ass” and the Colby Affirmation mean to you? The occurring events on and off campus have shown dismissal for this slogan and document. It is time to hold each other accountable in social and academic arenas.
Decolonization of Academia- We want the Colby education to be accessible to all learning styles, all demographics, and all experiences.
First Year Orientation- We will give incoming students the tools to create a more inclusive community. We will make a productive and feasible orientation through collaboration efforts with organizations that have already been developing these conversations.
Vision for Class Senators- The new and anticipated position will serve as a bridge between SGA and the club community. We hope to create a strong relationship that will assume solidarity at all moments.
SGA represents the student body and we acknowledge that work needs to focused towards being more involved with the community, whether at the micro or macro level. We need to be transparent. We should be reaching out to groups, listening, and not waiting for groups and individuals to come to us. We need to acknowledge that the violences that have occurred on this campus are not isolated events. We need to be aware of our own privileges that contribute to this cycle. We have to hold administration, faculty, staff, and assigned leaders on campus accountable, and also all members of Colby College. It is then up to all of us to attend events and discussions even if we may feel uncomfortable and that is okay. As candidates, we have been facilitating conversations since our first year at Colby and would love for you to join us! We have the leadership skills, the experience, and we are confident in taking on these roles. This is just a snippet of our ideas! We will be available in the Spa this week and hope to speak to you!

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