SGA holds second meeting

On October 2, 2016, the Student Government Association (SGA) met for their second formal meeting and the first with full attendance for the year. The SGA Executive Board welcomed the Class 0f 2020’s class council to their first meeting along with Cecil Brooks, Jr. ’17, the newly elected Multicultural Affairs Chair.

Space Club, the Colby Chemistry Club, the Harry Potter Club, and the Pre-Health Society were all approved as official SGA clubs. While the Space Club had been an SGA club in the past, it died out as active members graduated. Akira Murphy ’17, an avid space fan, worked to restart the club and is now working on training club members to use the telescopes at the Young Observatory. The Space Club will start organizing events as the weather clears.

Similarly, the Colby Chemistry Club had been a departmental club for years, before deciding to be an official SGA club this year. The other two clubs are new additions: the Harry Potter Club aims to unite Harry Potter fans across campus and play occasional Quidditch games. The Pre-Health Society is meant to be a support and help group for students intending to enter health professions.
SGA also discussed social spaces on campus and how the community uses them. Vice President Jenner Foster ’17 and Chief of Staff Kiernan Somers ’17 discussed an upcoming interactive poster display that will highlight community spaces and how they are used over on weekends. PPD will be working with the SGA on this. Somers is also working on developing a long-term plan (five-ten years) for SGA and how it helps, integrates, and benefits the college community. Vice President of Planning, Brian Clark will be helping with the project.

As the committee reports were presented at the meeting, it was evident that many committees had not been able to start their work for the year. Changes in the administration and delay in the last round of elections for SGA have combined to lead to delays in appointing students to committees.

However, the Academic Affairs Committee, a college committee, met last week and discussed, among other things, introducing Computational Biology as a new major. The Athletic Advisory Committee approved winter break trips for the swimming and skiing teams while the Housing and Facilities Advisory Committee (HFAC) discussed dorm damage reporting and ways to make the process easier. The Committee of Diversity and Inclusion is working on building a master calendar for programming on campus that will include all diversity events on campus in conjunction with PCB.

In the coming weeks, SGA plans on improving and polishing its constitution, which has been changed many times recently. Foster also talked about increasing weekend programming, and working on a “Saturday Night Live” program, similar to the Friday Night Live of previous years, but with proposals to introduce reduced pricing spa food. SGA will meet in two weeks.

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