SGA completes ’14-’15 agenda

sgaAt the most recent Student Government Association (SGA) meeting, Dean of Students Jim Terhune put forth a motion on behalf of the College Affairs Committee (CAC) and the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC).

The proposal involves a new procedural system for violations of the academic honesty policy. This system aims to redesign the process as a “relational one” as opposed to a hearing- based process. The proposed model would introduce an Academic Honesty Review Board, comprised of faculty members and students. The course instructor in question will have the option of being on the Board. A Dean of Students representative will also be on the Board, but will be a non-voting member. The Chair of the board will be the Coordinator of Academic Integrity (CAI), who will be a tenured faculty member appointed for a three year term. This motion aims to make the process more uniform across various departments, and also create a fair system with complete awareness and transparency. SGA unanimously passed the motion.

The AAC has been planning to introduce a new Dual-Degree Program for Engineering. Colby already has an affiliation with Columbia and Dartmouth for 4-2 and 2-1-1-1 engineering programs respectively. The Committee discussed introducing a new program with Columbia which would be structured as a 3-2 program. A student would then graduate from Colby in three years, and then graduate from Columbia within the next two years with an engineering degree.

In the final SGA meeting on May 3, 2015, President David A. Greene addressed the association, as is tradition. Greene said “The last few weeks have been rough for us as a community. But, they have brought out the best of Colby, and the worst of Colby.” He went on to applaud the Colby community’s unmatched healing powers and how it came together to support its members. Greene then said that he was struck this year by people who feel outside of the community. “It’s not a great feeling, finding yourself at odds with the community at all times — we need to fix that.” He praised the SGA for their “optimism and composite energy,” and how it had made a significant difference. He added that while a lot had been accomplished in this past year, there was a lot of work still to be done. Greene also talked about the Faculty Diversity Initiative, and the upcoming construction of the new Athletic Center and the Performing Arts Center. He also discussed the need for Colby to “tell its story better.” He concluded by saying, “I come away from this year — feeling incredibly encouraged about Colby and this year.”

SGA also handed out its awards, which were presented at the Colby Awards Ceremony. The Kohl-Harvey Award was awarded to Tim Gallagher ’16, Junior Class President and Chair of the Dining Services Committee. Gallagher has worked hard to create a lasting rapport with Sodexo on campus, with consequences being Green Mountain Coffee in the dining halls, increased hours, and unlimited swipes. The Alex Aitoro Award was awarded to Senior Class Presidents Jumana Hashim ’15 and Joe Whitfield ’15. This award is given to seniors for their exceptional commitment to the community. The Rookie of the Year award was given to Sophomore Class President Eliza Baker-Wacks, for her work as a SGA member, especially on the Traditions Committee.

SGA will meet next academic year, under the leadership of Michael Loginoff ’16 and Brittany Chin ’16.

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