Sensing censorship? Not here

Last week, the Echo’s Opinions Editor, Wes Zebrowski penned a piece entitled “The Echo submits to administrative censorship.” Over the past week, Kiernan and I have been asked by several members of the community about the legitimacy of the claims, so I’m taking this opportunity to quickly respond.

It is true that we had hoped to film the State of the College and were told by a member of the Administration that we could not. At the time, we were deeply disappointed by the move, but did not throw a tantrum at the time because of the event’s significance and the fact we were writing a news article about everything covered anyway. However, we followed up with President Greene and VP for Communications Ruth Jackson to learn why the decision was made.

Unlike Wes’ assessment, the problem did not stem from the Q&A section. The decision rather stemmed from the slideshow containing several pieces of sensitive data and information. We should also point out that the offer of an interview with Eric Rosengren was not being used to bribe the Echo, but rather a simple continuation of the friendly relationship that has existed between the Echo and the Administration since our inception in 1877.

At first, it saddened me that Wes wrote about this event in such a critical—at times conspiratorial—way. Kiernan and I are and continue to be staunch proponents of the freedom of the press. We have covered the censorship that is afflicting papers at Wesleyan and Middlebury throughout the year, and would never allow the same fate to happen to the Echo. However, I am happy Wes wrote his piece. Part of being a journalist is to highlight things that may cause distress to peers—and in this case, bosses. I’m happy to work with this dedicated team and, together, look forward to continuing the Echo’s legacy of free press at Colby.

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