Principal on leave

Earlier this month, Waterville Senior High School Principal Don Reiter was placed on paid administrative leave and is being investigated by Waterville superintendent Eric Haley, the school board and the Waterville police. Reiter and his lawyer, Gregg Frame, were not made aware of the allegations until several days after Reiter’s forced leave of absence.

Haley, superintendent of Waterville, Vassalboro and Winslow, is leading the school investigation. Haley stated that he was made aware of the allegations against Principal Reiter on August 27, which coincided with the first day of school for Waterville students. On August 31, Reiter was put on leave of absence, unaware of the accusations against him. He later received a letter and phone call from Haley outlining the conditions of his leave of absence. Reiter and Frame were unaware of the allegations until they met with school’s officials and lawyer two weeks ago.

The school board and their lawyer have interviewed approximately twenty people, including teachers, secretaries and support staff. The allegations have not been made public, and Haley refuses to release the statement sent to Reiter. After the Morning Sentinel requested a copy under Maine’s Freedom of Access law, Haley said that the letter’s information couldn’t be divulged because the investigation involves a personnel issue. Waterville Chief of Police Joseph Massey has also refused to comment as to why Reiter is being investigated by the police.

Reiter’s lawyer, Gregg Frame of Portland law firm Taylor, McCormack and Frame has voiced his opinion that the allegations are baseless and pre- sumes that his client will soon return to work.

Reiter completed his undergraduate degree at Brown University, and his graduate studies in education at the University of Southern Maine. He has worked in the public school system for over fifteen years, and has previously maintained a spotless record.

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