Organizers of Pig Roast Talk Spring Celebration

As spring comes to Colby, the football team is preparing to host the annual Pig Roast, a day party centered around roasting  a pig. This year, event organizers Larry Patrizio ’17 and Corben Davis ’18 are focused on making the event more inclusive. 

Though the football team hosts the Pig Roast every spring, no one really knows when it started. The public Facebook event is titled “The 72nd Annual Pig Roast,” but this is a fact that has not yet been confirmed.

The modern, open form of the Pig Roast is thought to have started sometime in the past decade, though Patrizio says there was probably a more exclusive version around earlier.  The event is a Colby tradition that is supposed to signify the arrival of spring and the end of classes, according to Patrizio and Davis. “The Pig Roast started a while back as a way for the football team to celebrate the end of the year and get together as an entire team with that year’s seniors and have a great day,” said Davis. However, it’s changed to be more than that now. “The Pig Roast has evolved over time to include most of the school now, but the ideals of having a great outdoor event to celebrate the end of the year and to celebrate with the senior class one more time have remained,” said Davis.

But while the school is invited to partake in the roast next Saturday, some of the best memories come from the preparations. “It’s centered around the cooking and preparation of the pig, and that’s something that we hold really dear,” said Patrizio. Every year the offensive line gets together to prepare the pig. “It’s a 12 hour long process, and so we stay up all night,” said Patrizio. That’s where the real bonding happens. “Some of my best memories are not from the party, it’s at the cooking when you’re hanging around and having a good time,” said Patrizio. Davis agrees. “My first experience with the pig roast was… staying up all night the Friday before the event and cook the pig from like 9 p.m. until noon the next day.  I remember how much fun that was and a great way to get ready for a great event,” he said.

In addition to inclusivity, Davis and Patrizio are focused on keeping the tradition alive. For Patrizio, his hope is that the event remains on campus so that it is easily accessible to all students. “All you have to do is just walk over to where it is. You don’t have to worry about driving somewhere, you don’t have to worry about being a part of the ‘cool’ crowd or ‘in’ crowd getting invited to an off campus event,” he said.

Davis said that he hoped the team could work with Campus Life to make sure the event is safe, fun, and respectful in years to come. “My hopes for the event in the future is to continue to be able to work alongside Campus Life and SGA successfully and respectfully to plan the best event possible that is inclusive and safe, but also a lot of fun and a great celebration for all the hard work we have put in as students throughout the whole year,” he said.

This year’s Pig Roast will happen on Saturday, April 29. The event is open to anyone who would like to come and “enjoy the sun, enjoy your friends, and have a good time,” said Patrizio.

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