Mingle with a mule: Chip Gavin `90

Since the first issue of the Echo was published in 1877, generations of student writers have used the paper as a medium to relate stories of the Colby community. For former Editor-in-Chief Chip Gavin ’90, four years of work for the Echo impacted his own life story and allowed him to develop lifelong friendships. He even used the journalism skills he developed while at Colby to work as a reporter for the Central Maine News Network. As alumni returned to Colby for Homecoming Weekend 2017, the Echo sat down with him on out Bobs office to discuss his time at Colby.

The Echo (E): What was your position within the Echo?

Gavin (G): I worked at the Echo pretty much throughout Colby, and was the Editor-in-Chief at one point. I shared that duty…with some other classmates who also did hard, hard work.  We spent many hours in this room where we are sitting right now.

E: What was your fondest memory of the Echo?

G: The friends that you made and the camaraderie was certainly the highlight of working on the Echo. We all loved journalism, many of the students I was on the Echo with actually went into journalism. I do something else now, but I was a reporter for quite a long time. It’s really the friendships that you remember. Those are still people that I keep in touch with. Some of the people whose names are on these walls I was e-mailing with just yesterday, so it’s real nice to be here.

E:  Your name is on the wall of the Echo office, too.

G: We used to have social activities here in the Echo office, and for people who have never been in the Echo office, there’s a number of quotes and scoreboards and such things from those games down here. Some of our names are still up in various places.

E: You married an editor in chief of the Echo as well, right?

G: Yes, my spouse, Andrea Krasker `93, was the Editor-in-Chief.

E: Outside of the Echo, were you involved in anything else at Colby?

G: I was involved in other writing type things: the Pequod and things like that. I had a radio show at one point on WMHB. And academics of course, that was why we were all here in the first place. I felt very fortunate to be a part of the community and still have many lifelong friends from those days.

E: Is there anything else you would like to add about your experience at Colby or at the Echo?

G: Well [Colby] is an inspirational place, and I just hope that people who are here now continue to be inspired by it and feel as strongly about it as I do and as people who have come before you have. It’s a special place, and we appreciate you taking good care of it and keeping it that way. 

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